Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Be Here Now...

I have been encouraged by some of you to show more of my art work. I have a link to my picturetrail on the side bar, but haven't incorporated my own art into my blog much. As I reflect during this week on 2005, I appreciate the gentle nudge to be more comfortable with what I produce. I've always been about process. It's not the end result, but the journey that led me to get there. However, it is fun to be inspired by others work. I am a big fan of Teesha Moore's collage style. She also has a wonderful new zine out called Art & Life. She inspired this entry for my first page of an art journal I started two years ago. I have so many journals that have begun in earnest and then peetered out over a few weeks, months, or years. I'm thinking about taking Shimelle's art journal class starting next week for twenty weeks. I've seen wonderful work inspired by her "journal your christmas" class on Shelly and Ali's blogs. The class encourages at least one journal entry a week based on prompts and inspiration that she provides. I will post my entry each week on this blog to motivate me. Sounds like fun!

I'm also lovin' this fairy girl page right now because my sister gave my daughter a darling naartjie brand outfit for Christmas this year. I guess it's a boutique brand that is mainly sold in California, and comes out of South Africa. I went to their web site to check out their other clothes and absolutely fell in LOVE with the fairy line ....and I swore I would never spend all my money on baby girl clothes:)


Libra Larki said...


"Be Here Now..."Beautiful self-portrait...Very well done, the
colors,compostion works well together...If It is possible,for you paint it...!

...Well bye bye 4 now!
Happy Holidays!

artjunk~ said...

This is a great page to begin your art jounal with. really cool and original! I also want to start an art journal. I'm going to check youur link to the class. I like how you insert links into your posts....a very nice thing to do for others that are learning as well. LK

Nickerjac said...

I found your blog via SPT and your picture and I thrilled to find the link to the art journal class, I have been looking for something like this for awhile and have now signed up and can't wait to start.

twistedsoda said...

I am loving that first piece in your art journal! I have a fascination with all things fairy!!