Monday, December 26, 2005


We had a very nice Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve day at my parents with my sister and her family making cookies. Christmas Eve we spent at home with the kids, reflecting, relaxing and enjoying each others company. Christmas morning we headed back to my parents (glad they only live a few miles away) and opened gifts. I took this pic of my mom opening up the PEACE sign I gave her that I posted a pic of previously. She absolutely loved it! The hand made scrapbook calendars for my sister and my mom were also a big hit! We took the kids home for naps and then went back for a wonderful Christmas prime rib dinner. Today we headed down to Iowa to my cousins for a lovely day of mingling and singing Christmas songs with all the wee ones jingling their bells. Good times!

Speaking of moms, I loved Elsie's ode to her mother post the other day!


Chris said...

What a great picture! No doubt in my mind that she loved the gift. :)

elizabeth said...

glad to hear that you and yours had a wonderful christmas!!!

la vie en rose said...

sound like a wonderful chirstmas! i just love this pic of your mom...yes, she exudes joy!!!