Thursday, December 22, 2005

MamaSaysOm ~Traditions~

Dear bean,
I'm so excited that this year you were able to participate in one of my very favorite Christmas traditions...making sugar cookies. Last year you were so young, I kept thinking that I couldn't wait until you could participate in the things I remember doing as a child during the holiday season. Santa is going to have to wait another year, but this year has been all about cookies! I think that you thought the dough was play dough, but you enjoyed cutting out the shapes nonetheless. It was fun to watch you take your very first bite of your sparkling cookie. Merry merry!

These layouts were made with Flair Designs paper and stickers.


Tori said...

Hey Hey! Look at our boys! Thank you for posting CJ's picture in your blog. It is so neat and it really means a lot to us. I will show him first thing in the morning.
Have a Beautiful Holiday!
Your Friend, Tori

twistedsoda said...

I just KNEW you were a scrapper!!!! heheheh

Crazy MomCat said...

Love the scrap pages! I'm a scrapbooker too. I am so far behind that it isn't even funny. I may be cropping last holiday's pictures as I celebrate this years'! HA!

la vie en rose said...

perfect! and you are brave. we haven't tried the whole makin' cookies thing yet. i've still got to write my letter tonight.