Thursday, December 15, 2005

Soft toy creature feature

I've had an on-going facination with goofy little knit dolls. When I was pregnant with my daughter I got into making rag dolls (see previous post) and was on the look-out for instructions on making sock and other homely creatures. Now I have noticed these critters of every shape and size all over. The blogging world is full of them. I keep finding more and more unique creations, blog after blog after blog. They're made of fabulous fabrics; some vintage, felt, wool, corduroy, you name it! Many of the patterns seem to come from Japanese craft books. If you could give me some insight into this, I'd love to hear it.

I was pushed over the edge when the winter issue of Martha Stewart Kids magazine (LOVE it) had an article on making small hand sewn creatures inspired by your children's drawings. I thought that idea was genius. So today during nap time I created my own. My kids aren't old enough to draw their own little creatures yet! So... I introduce to you Walt. Not sure what he is and there's definitely room for improvement, but he is a friendly little guy and that velvet body is oh so soft:) If you're inspired, check out all of these "stupid" sock critters and there's even a book ...gotta find me a copy!

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Sharon Wisely said...

Martha Stewart Kids has the greatest ideas-simple and sweet-luv your softie!