Saturday, January 28, 2006

Artist's Way week #4

I had no idea what was on the horizon for me and my fellow Artist’s Way bloggers until I read Kat’s blog with a preview for this week. Week 4 talks about out with the old and in with the new.
"Shifts in taste and perception frequently accompany shifts in identity. One of the clearest signals that something healthy is afoot is the impulse to weed out, sort through, and discard old clothes, papers and belongings. "

Good, because I’ve been moving and weeding through things like crazy. Suddenly everything I look at just seems like it’s taking up space, and energy and I want it to leave…now! I haven’t been too extreme, but a bit of early spring cleaning is in order. I even listed some new, super inspiring, artsy books and zines on ebay if you’d like to take a look. They end soon! I’ll probably be listing more stuff as I continue to purge.

The shocker is that this week we are supposed to try reading deprivation!! That means find other things to do with our time instead of reading…like, maybe…creating! For you, my faithful blog readers, do not fear, I will still post…since technically that’s not reading. I just won’t be visiting all my favorite blogs and commenting. I’ll be back next week. Wish me luck:)


twistedsoda said...

one week. I couldn't do it! I'll miss you!

la vie en rose said...

that's the one activity i never could do when i worked through aw. i just couldn't give up the reading. good luck!

Frivolitea said...

Hey. I just posted some images, so you don't have to read. Just come visit and take a look. By the way, I am thinking I should look into doing the artist's way. It sounds like you and some other bloggers I am keeping up with are enjoying it. One woman told me it changed her life.

Jen(nifer) said...

GOOD LUCK! I of course, read this chapter last night and feel cheated since I am behind everyone else...I will be without reading another week though.


Blue Dog said...

hahaha--great image! it makes me laugh! it is now the end of week 4. feels so good to read blogs again!