Wednesday, January 18, 2006

La vie en rose

It's the dead of winter here in Minnesota, so I'm getting out my happy, colorful decor to liven things up. I have this fun little vase that is in need of some flowers. I was thinking of the whimsy, homemade variety. I've had it out for a couple of weeks now just waiting for the right inspiration. It came in many forms. I was paging through my Feb. issue of Memory Makers magazine and found this goregous bouquet of paper flowers by Danielle Thompson. Who, by the way, is my current fave scrapbooker. I just love her style!!! Check her 2Peas gallery out here. all I can say! So I'm definitely going to have to give this a go. With all the paper scraps I have, I could fill my entire bedroom with flowers:) Then yesterday the latest issue of Country Home magazine came in the mail. They had a bouquet of lovely little roses, made of rolled fabric! Another idea I came across was in Martha Stewart Kids magazine. It's easy, bright crepe paper flowers. How fun! Here are some huge ones, and a lovely bouquet of roses. These will certainly keep me busy.


Chris said...

I love that vase.

la vie en rose said...

martha makes everything look so easy. post a pic once you have some done. i want to know what you came up with.

elizabeth said...

those paper flowers are amazing :)