Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fashion sense

While at the grocery store today, I thought about Melanie's Self Portrait Tuesday. She wrote about her lack of style since becoming a mother. While waiting in line, I picked up the latest issue of Elle magazine. I have also had a nagging feeling that my sense of style has gone by the wayside and been replaced by a much more drab, baggy, boring me. I thought I could use some pointers. What I found paging through this months issue was that it was chock full of inspiration for my scrapbooking! The color combinations, the textures, the playfulness provided endless inspriation for me to "lift" these concepts and use them on my scrapbook pages. I especially love the Cirque Du Soleil feature begninning here. You can click on the picture to see many more spreads. I think the $10 a year subscription price is going to be well worth the investment for inspiration and much less expensive than buying every $20 idea book that comes along. Maybe I can even revive my sense of style a titch:)


Blue Dog said...

I never thought of looking at Elle for color and texture inspiration. Great idea! :)

la vie en rose said...

always thinking!!!

artjunk~ said...

LOL!!!! I bought vogue the other day on a whim. My little one said, "that lady is scary" referring to the cover. those magazines scare me as exactly my wardrobe, but I do like the makeup/hair stuff! cute how you looked at it at checkout--