Tuesday, February 28, 2006

SPT {All of Me}

Last week I admitted to being a bliker, now I must confess I'm also a biter. I don't bite my nails to the quick like I used to. Now I just bite off little hang nails and such. I've become more of a teeth grinder and many times I grind on my nails. Another unflattering habit. I also didn't realize how tense I look (and feel) when I'm biting at them until I took this picture. I guess that's another habit I should use Rhonna's 21 day challenge to break!


Wenda said...

Biting. Chewing. I sometimes chew on my bottom lip, usually when I am anxious about something. I wonder if biting and chewing (and eating too much) is a way in which I silence myself.

I'm just catching up on my blog reading this week and am delighted to find your habit journal. I love the concept and what you are doing with it. Thanks for the inspiration.

melba said...

I am a nail biter too, must go with that teeth grinding thing! In my 20's I really tried to grow my nails. When I was pregnant with Ethan my nails finally grew beyond the tips of my fingers...I hated it. I was not use to having nails and filed them all down. Now I don't bite them all that much, I just kind of pick at them.
I love your journal post below...beautiful, thoughtful pictures and writing.

melba said...

Isn't that strange (in a nice way) while I was leaving you a comment you were leaving me one! :)

mati rose said...

i am too, i was actually thinking of posting a pic of me biting as well, but ya beat me to the punch:) cool 21 day project and what is a bliker, as mentioned in your post?!

T:o)ve said...

So happy that you aswell put youre self out here :o)
Hello to you :o)

Rhonna said...

did you see i featured you?
loved your honesty & i'm so with ya...i'm a biter, too!