Friday, April 21, 2006

Book of Dreams {Storage}

Check out this very cheery file folder I found at Target yesterday. Kinda reminds me of Rhonna. It's perfect for storing papers, pictures and other goodies to use in my altered book. It will be nice to have a place to store things that I plan to use, all together in one spot:)

Laura had a great question about how many pages we should have in our altered books and how long the project will last. Good question! Not sure I have an answer. What do you all think...6 weeks....8 weeks? We will do at least one layout a week. I say at least because once I post the technique you can do as many or as few pages as you'd like with different variations on the technique. Make sense? Hope so!

Let me know if you have any other questions. Hope you all are having fun finding a book to work in, prepping it and thinking about your theme. I'd love to hear what's on your mind:) Have a great weekend!


Lilli said...

Love the happy colours :)

I don't have an opinion yet on how many weeks. Maybe after a week or two I'll have a sense of it.

At this point I'm thinking that my theme will be Evolutionary Thoughts. I want to write things down that cause me to feel empowered and to grow. I may find a different title, but it would be the same idea.

PJ said...

I'm not sure how many weeks it should last. I'm thinking of actually recording my actual night-time dreams With a few reality dreams thrown in for good measure..My dream book will consist of mainly sketching and painting with some collage. I may use some stuff I already have, but do not plan on spending too much..after all, I'm thinking of a theme called "Dreams are free" or "Free Dreams"...those both might have an interesting twist. I'm also thinking of a particular day I would like to hightlight this on my blog!

Deborah said...

Love that folder....might have to visit Target today!

I guess "how many weeks" depends on how many techniques you are planning!

~michelle~ said...

I would love to see this go for at least 10 or 12 weeks. I think having a week to try techniques, record thoughts seems leisurely (after Rhonna's challenge anyways!) and the weeks will probably go by fast!

I really have a strong idea of the colors I want my book to be...I think I'll color my pages and then hope they will in turn, influence my dreams! So that's pretty much going to be my theme...Dreaming in My Favorite Colors.

I'm gettin' excited!!!

Sharon in TX said...

I've been jotting down kinds of dreams for inspiration for each page like: old dreams, new dreams, everyday dreams, driving dreams, dream catchers, lost dreams, reoccurring dreams, colored dreams, black & white dreams, collecting dreams and dreaming dreams. At this point not sure what I can do with this but my brain is working on it obsessively. How many weeks? I'm good and grateful for whatever you decide.

melba said...

I like the idea of it not being too long. One of the reasons I feel I was able to do Rhonna's challenge is because I knew I would have a specific book completed at the end of the challenge. 6 or 8 weeks is good for me.

Monica said...

I'm O.K. with whatever number of weeks this should last. And I love the idea of at least one layout a week, since I have 4 under 6 (kids, that is), I have to make, invent, dig, find time for myself, so I'm looking forward to this project. Still thinking of so many ideas or dreams to do, and I'm about to decide if I should do an altered book or one of the many blank journal that I have.

la vie en rose said...

i love this folder. joleen posted of pic of this same folder on her blog several weeks ago and i rushed right out to target to try and find one for myself but our target here didn't have any ;(

Rhonna said...

LOL...*just* got that last week, too! LOVed it!

gudrun said...

What a lovely filefolder you've got here. :)
This weekend my husband worked at a fliemarked, and he came home with two old books, perfect for my project. And as Tove is here, visiting me for a couple of days during a great scrapbook-exhibition here in Oslo, she got the other book.
I'll say hallo from her as well. :-)
We are really looking foreward to this altred-book project.
Not sure how long it should last...but 8 weeks sounds fine.

Paula said...

The folder is just adorable! And I'm really happy I found your blog in time to catch up with the challenge. I've never done an altered book or an art journal, but I think that trying it in good company will help me a lot. And now you can say you have a Brazilian participant in your challenge! :)