Monday, June 05, 2006

Letting Go

I am slowly (and somewhat painfully) learning to let go. I get an e-newsletter each month called BuddhaMom and this time the topic was about embracing the messiness of life. This sounds oh so familiar to all of you Sabrina fans out there. BuddhaMom author Jacqueline Kramer states that

Life is messy and the more insecure we are the more freaked out we get about this wild, unpredicatable universe. It is this fear of the unknown that drives us to try to control. This may mean the people in our family, our home or front lawn. In reality control is impossible making the quest for perfection a fool's errand....If we are to live peaceably on this wild planet, we need to make friends with the chaos. We need to make friends with the messiness of life. We need to give the weeds in our yard names, we need to see things like children's problems in school, family quarrels, a messy house, as just part of life rather than things that get in the way of life.

The whole thing is life; the problems, the peaceful times, the weeds and the roses.

I feel that to deal with my sons recent diagnosis of Autism I am now in the stage that I need to let go of trying to mold him into a "normal" kid. (More on Lowell on my other blog). He is a marvelously unique being and I love every bit of him. He has such amazing strengths and has taught us so much. I have wound myself up worrying about his future and am now ready to LET GO and free myself of the burden. We will do the best parenting that we can do and have found the treatment that he needs. Now we need to just let him be our wonderful two year old.

On Emily's blog she recently mentioned a new book called Collage Unleashed by Traci Bautista. I had to get this book immediately and found it was just the ticket to begin letting myself go through my art and the rest of my life. What a wild ride this life is!


melba said...

I am struggling with some things with Ethan that I plan on posting about this week. There is no normal, but I get caught up too in wanting Ethan to be like everyone else and be "on time" with his milestones. It takes lots of patients and breathing right?

Thanks for the great are great at sharing!

Jeanne said...

Letting go is a difficult thing to achieve. I am still not very good at it, although I am getting better. I try to remind myself every so often to "Let go and Let God." It seems to help not only where my children are concerned, but in other aspects of life as well.

la vie en rose said...

open your arms...unclench your fists...let can't fly holding on to all that stuff.

and just so you'll know i'm not preachin' at you, i'm saying those words right to myself too.

Maggie said...

Hi Kari:
Katie's son is diagnosed with Autism, she scraps his milestone. She will be a great contact to ask question.
I will be praying for you for God to give you patience.
Have a great week

Caroline said...

Wow the synchronicities are piling up today! I just posted a picture I'd done ages ago called Buddha's Tears and then went on to relate the synchronicities of the week so far... then I came here...

my pink sky said...

isn't it when you most need to let go, when you want to hold on the tightest? that urge to cling is so powerful...the fear of the unknown, so real. i think part of the lesson is in the falling, as well as the letting go...give it a pure wind.