Monday, August 14, 2006


What a gorgeous day it is here today in Minnesota. There's a hint of autumn in the air. Crisp and breezy, baby blue sky with white fluffy clouds. I love that it's August!

I did another page in my She book collaboration with Cassondra. I rarely work in black and white, but was so inspired by this picture that I just continued on with the style. It was hard for me to get messy and just let go with this. I like the result. I love the black velvet letter stickers:) I also received the She book Cassondra started and enjoyed paging through it, admiring her art and enjoying the texture and the dimension in her pages. To see her book, look here. She does such amazing work and it's even better in person. I will get mine off for her to work on and get working in the one that she started. I love collaborations. So much fun!

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