Friday, August 25, 2006

Creativity Exercise Day 4 {Repetition}

Rhonna's challenge for today was repetition. I ended up with this simple layout, but there was so much going on in the process. At first I over-thought the whole thing and couldn't decide what I wanted to duplicate over and over again. I remembered that I had lots of postage stamps and have never used them in a layout, so I went from there. Then came the hard part, what to do with them? After lots of trial and error, I decided to use them as a large frame around this picture. The stamps seemed fitting since I titled the layout "Something to write home about...." honoring the progress that Lowell has made this summer. I also attached an envelope to enclose a note on what this summer meant for Lowell. The layout turned out very meaningful to me, even if aesthetically I'm not thrilled about it. These challenges are really giving me a creative workout.


Norah's said...

What a cool thing to do with the stamps. Doesn't look like you over-thought it at all. I have lots of stamps too and am challenged to use them. They are so perfect with your LO and the pics are precious.

Lilli said...

The stamps and their placement look very unique. I haven't seen stamps featured in this way before :)