Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Vintage Halloween

Inspired by Kimberly Kwan's vintage Halloween post, I decided to share a few pictures of me as a child dressed up for Halloween. I'm in the polka dots in the first two. Man I would love to still have those hats:) As you can see from my posts the last several days, I am a *huge* fan of the holiday! Growing up, I had a neighbor that really went all out and definitely instilled the love of all things Halloween in me:) She would transform her garage into a haunted house and had a party every year. I looked forward to it all year long. It was fabulous! It took many years just to get the courage to wander through. I loved the anticipation of what lay ahead. She really made the holiday memorable, while not being gory or too scary. It was good old fashioned Halloween fun:) I always said, "I am going to be the neighborhood Hallowe'en lady!" So, here I am!
Of course I had to share a couple of my two little gouls:)
Tonight is the night
When dead leaves fly
Like witches on switches
Across the sky
And gnomes & trolls
Creep out of holes
Mossy & green
Tonight is the night
When the leaves make a sound
Like a gnome in his home
Under the ground
And elf & sprite
Flit through the night
On a moony sheen
Tonight is the night
When pumpkins stare
Through leaves & sheaves
When ghoul & ghost
And goblin host
Dance round their
It's Hallowe'en
Harry Behn~1944


Kimberly Kwan said...

Oh Kari! These are GREAT! Thanks for playing!!! See you soon!

andrea said...

dont you still wish you had those costumes? how cool are pictures like that?! have fun with your kiddos tonight!

Lilli said...

So Cute !!!

BlueJude said...

How wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!