Friday, November 24, 2006

Let the decorating begin!

I know today is a big day for many of you. You have been anxiously awaiting decorating your home for Christmas. The boxes will come out of the attic today and your house will be sprinkled with the spirit of the season. Can't wait to see pictures on your blogs!

I began my decorating a bit early this year after being so utterly inspired by Silver Bella. I came home with the lovely things that I made and just couldn't put them in a box in the closet. I had to put them up! So I've had some decorations up for a few weeks. However, I did get out the rest of my boxes today. In one of the boxes were some of my favorite vintage stockings and this lovely welcome sign that was my grandmothers. Truly vintage!

Let the season begin!!! I'm off to play outside with the kids. It's 50 degrees here in Minnesota! Downright balmy:)


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you have those old sentimental items. My mother made a bunch of ornaments when my brother and I were little and when we grew up and moved out she split them between us. My half got lost in a move 6 years ago and every Christmas when I unpack, it breaks my heart.

angi b said...

i was just thinking about decorating today to get me in the mood for the season. I've been a real couch potato today so i didn't do a thing!

la vie en rose said...

i'm i just have to find some time...

jenny holiday said...

oooh how fun!! I adore them all!! I have always loved all of the old felt/sequin homemade things! I was lucky enough to find a tree skirt the other night on eBay!! Cannot wait to see it in person.

I am loving the red/mint green combo on the stocking too! Really fun and retro! I am pretty sure target has that color combo going on in the gift wrap aisle!

Thanks for the inspiration!!
Happy Holiday decorating!
xoxo Jenny