Monday, November 13, 2006

My Happy Place:)

Ok, got LOTS of questions about where I got those fab glitter numbers I used on my last post. They are new K & Co. Twinkle Type letters and numbers. They come in lots of fabulous colors! You can find them on ebay, online or probably at your local scrapbook store. Fun stuff!

The vintage alphabet cards were found at none other than Home Goods. I love that they get so much vintage reproduction stuff. They're repros of British flash cards from the 40's. How cool is that!? Jill, I'd love to hear you're your turn to share:)

Other tantalizing things...

The Posie web shop of Posie Gets Cozy fame is getting updated today (Monday) with tons of yummy stuff, it sounds like. I've heard that Alicia's work is fabulous!

I wish I lived near The Curious Sofa. Wow, amazing stuff and check out their window display!!! Doesn't get much better than that:) This and the article on Tinsel Trading from ME Home Companion this month has totally inspired my holiday decorating this year. It will be so fun and easy to include all my fab glitter projects from Silver Bella. Speaking of which, I am almost done with my Bella scrapbook and will post pics soon!

I also just got my Poppy Ink "Happy Place" kit in the mail today and it certainly took me there. Oooohlala!! The Bam Pop papers are delightful!


Anonymous said...

That scrapbook kit looks like a lot of fun! I am working on my Christmas cards so I haven't had alot of time to scrapbook.

Holly Stinnett said...

I love your blog! Lots of fun eye candy and great inspiration. I just purchased some of the yummy gold letters and used them for the first time to wrap up a gift and use the recipient's initials. The little box looked so elegant! They are a little messy though aren't they? Glitter everywhere!!

andrea said...

what a great post, thanks for sharing all the fun links! I'm such a sucker for great merchandising, if I lived anywhere near the Curious Sofa I would be in trouble!

Lilli said...

My mind is just reeling from all this loveliness! Thanks for sharing, Girl :)

Anonymous said...

Such fun stuff - thanks for sharing! I love glitter too. :) And learning about another kit club that I really *need* to join. Don't you just love that red & blue? Love how it is so cozy and so wintry at the same time. Yum, yum, yum.

If you like the vintage repro stuff, I have to recommend Mitrebox Framing next time you're in Minneapolis (the link is on my blog :). The framing is great, but I'm especially a sucker for the cards. They always have great vintage style stuff that I don't see anywhere else.

Happy crafting, Ms. Artsy. :)

jenny holiday said...

oooh thanks so much for the info!! I just found these fab glitter letters on eBay!! Love them!! Cannot wait to use them on my holiday gifts!!

I am so happy to have found your blog!! I look forward to the daily eye candy and fun!
Happy Creating! Happy Blogging!

Thanks bunches!!
xoxo Jenny in NJ

Anonymous said...

I'd like to move into your blog if you don't mind. Love everything about this post! I just ordered 2 packages of the silver twinkle letters from for $8.99 each plus 4.95 shipping. I'm curious what part of homegoods you found those great cards in.

BonnieRose said...

your work is stunning!