Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My jacquard world

I seem to be completely obsessed
lately with jacquard prints. Totally into the Brocade home look. The jacquard and the glass together look amazing! I was inspired by this photo from their catalog (left), so I found the flocked paper at Target and used some extras from my Silver Bella kit from Pam and made this cutie little dress (below) to go with my holiday decor. So easy!

Found some really fun glass canisters just like this at Home Goods and Ikea that were very inexpensive. I put my art supplies in them and they look good enough to eat:)


Deborah said...

Oh yeah...Brocade....a girl could go broke just looking at it!!

jenny holiday said...

Soooo funny...I am obsessed with Brocade home right now too!! I stare at that exact photo about 45 times a day!! ..I am not kidding! lol...I adore this little dress...you Artsy Mama you!! Very very cute and clever! Great idea! I actually bought that wrapping paper in the black and white version from target. We are doing all black/white/cream/silver/pink/turquoise wrapping this year. Actually that is what we have done for the past 5 yrs..minus the turquoise...old habits die hard!

Truly adore this little creation of yours! Thanks for sharing!

xoxo Jenny

Ann(i)e said...

congrats on your anniversary!!
I LOVE your project here....really really love it!! I guess there is ONE reason to miss Target....coolio-papers like that!!
You are producing some amazing work my dear!!
And thanks for the glitter tips!

Lisa Cohen said...

I've been obsessed with this too!! I want a comforter in fabric like this and I can't find one. So I'm probably going to have to make one myself. LOL! Oh and I made a travel journal inspired by your Silver Bella one! Thank you!!!

(I'm posting from a different computer - hubby's - as we're on our T'giving trip already so that's why it's not showing my normal avatar and all)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

paige knudsen said...

kari~~i have truly enjoyed your blog after stumbling upon it from pam's! i love your creativity!
the little dress is absolutely precious!!!
keep up all the fun ideas!!
thanks for sharing

Lilli said...

I know, I'm totally into brocade now too. I'm so glad it's "in" so I can immerse myself in it :)

Cute dress!

Cassondra said...

Hey girl! Great minds think alike, I got that very same paper yesterday at Target, I love it, I love the rich jewel tones that are out for the holidays! Love the little outfit you made with it!!!

Beth said...

I just love your blog and only found it recently. Today I went back through some of your previous posts and I love that fact that you (like me) are a "journaler" with too many journals....and that you also have a hard time sticking with them. Have you gotten better with this or is it still a problem ?? I'm working on a new journal now...(hmmm, like number 16) and I'm just wondering if you have any hints for keeping me on track ????