Sunday, December 24, 2006

{Day 23 and Day 24} Happy Holiday's!

Wow, thank you for all of your wonderfully kind comments and encouragement. It means so much to me:) Happy Holiday's to all of you, my blogging friends!
Hope you have been enjoying your holiday festivities. I was waiting for a prompt from Shimelle for our Christmas Journal about stockings. I have a love affair with Christmas stockings. I simply adore them! I have always loved my felt and sequins Snoopy stocking from my childhood and still put it up each year. I also now have another favorite stocking, the sock I made at Silver Bella in Pam Garrison's class. It's made with vintage wallpaper and fantastic vintage trims. I just love it! So {Day 23} in my journal was just my cup of tea! I love the whole concept of Christmas stockings and Christmas Eve night~santa claus and little gifts~it's just all so whimsical and fun!! I especially love handmade stockings and the look of patchwork crazy quilting. It just brings a magical homemade feel to it all!

Today {Day 24} is about recording our Christmas Eve memories. We spent the day with my husbands dad, his sister and her family. We had a grand time and all the kids had a ball! I used a napkin from our meal as the background, because I loved the pattern. Now I will sit down to a cup of Christmas tea, and relax in childlike anticipation of Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful stockings...and I love those B&W photos!

Lilli said...

Lovely Happy pages. You've obviously started the holidays off with a bang.

I wish you and your family all manner of Blessings this Year :)

jenny holiday said...

What a special special keepsake this book is!! I really love it!! You truly did an amazing job!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

Wishing you a very very Happy Holiday!!

Thank you so much for all that you share!! Such a gift!!!

lots of love from your friends in New Jersey!
xoxo Jenny & Aaron

Kathy said...

Gorgeous pages. Love your stockings

Carol said...

Thank you for all the inspirng pictures on your blog! I love your Silva Bella stocking too! Your journal is so beautiful!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to your and your loved ones dear Kari!

TAMI said...

Greetings from NH!

Hi Artsy Mama. I'm a new fan of
yours and I recently met you at BR's party. Do you know who I am? Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year too. I love your blog and your artwork. You are a very lovely person and so so talented. I look forward to seeing you again in 2007! TAMI

Chiara said...

oh your entry is totally rocking and I love the vintage image at the bottom of your post

Julie Ann said...

I am so with you- I love stockings!

Anonymous said...

Love your journal Kari !!!

I have been checking back several times everyday (when I can) to see if you have any additions. Ok, I check your blog anyways...but its so exciting to see your Christmas Christmas pages need a bit of work and I find so much inspired by just looking at yours. Love this paper used here on these two layouts. Gorgeous.... ¥

la vie en rose said...

wow! i can't keep up with all your fabulous journal pages. you've done some amazing work!

crazierinreallife said...

you book is stunning and is going to be a precious keepsake