Friday, January 19, 2007


Thanks very much for all your kind words on my new goodies for my esty shop:) Well, for our first theme {explore} in the Cabinet of Curiosities Challenge I just couldn't get past thinking in 3D. Exploring for me means picking up rocks and driftwood on the beach, going off the beaten path on a walk in the woods. It may mean a journey far away or just outside my door. It also means exploring different sides of myself, pushing myself to try new things. So after going through all of my own oddities and curiosities lately, I decided to take a little "flight of fancy" (birds have always symbolized exploring for me) and fill up this sectioned off shadow box frame I've had sitting around for years. I picked pieces of this and that from travels I've had, items that have come to me from other peoples travels and dreams about exploring that I hope to do someday. It all came together in this assemblage. Fun stuff. Definitely a different way to make art. Very meditative.

So what is assemblage art?
A collection of persons or things : GATHERING
The act of assembling : the state of being assembled
An artistic composition made from scraps, junk, and odds and ends (as of paper, cloth, wood, stone, or metal) b : the art of making assemblages

If you'd like to know more about assemblage art, check out some of these links.
A brief history of assemblage art
The amazing assemblage work of Lynne Perrella
Found art by Janet Hofacker

See you here on Sunday for theme #2 of our challenge!!!


Anonymous said...

This is wonderufl - I love the little cubbies and the collection. I have been working on my expression of the theme this evening - waiting for some paint to dry.
Can't wait until the Sunday theme.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! Love the 3D effect. Thanks too for the kind words on my page!

Lovin this...


Norah's said...

Hi Kari, I couldn't stand it. I decided to play ART with you again. So my first page is up.

I love your 3-d cabinet of curiosities. Can't wait to see what you do next.

MarilynH said...

This is exactly the same kind of art I was thinking---and inpired by Lynne Perrella, too. She is off-the-charts AMAZING. So is yours!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Kari! This is FABULOUS, I had a feeling you would do something like this because you are so adventurous when it comes to art, and just that term" a cabinet" brings to mind something 3D and real. I absolutely love your work!

jenny holiday said...

Ohhh AHHHH!!! Oh this is going to be so so fun...checking in on your incredible creations!! Well you have truly started out with dazzling results!!

Love it!!
Happy Creating!

xoxo Jenny

Anonymous said...

Enjoying this process. Love the 3D.

My explore page is now on my blog.

Looking forward to the next one.


Ann(i)e said...

Where do you find the time my lovely lady?? Gorgeous valentine's work for your etsy shop and love your "assemblage"!

Frivolitea said...

I love your assemblage. And that is an overall great post. I love definitions and historical references to put things in context.

Frivolitea said...

Thinking about the theme "Explore" just brought to mind a collage that I did ages ago. I have posted it on my blog at

What fun this Cabinet of Curiosities is!!!

Deb said...

Gorgeous cabinet of curiosities!
I love all the images of transportation - the turtle, the bird, running feet ...blended with your found treasures.

MyMosaicMind said...

Kari, you truly have made a cabinet of curiosity and it's stunningly mesmorizing. Just gorgeous. Are you going to hang it up somewhere? I plan to work on my "explore" piece today and I'll post later. -Ginger

Anonymous said...

WOW Kari! That is a great creation. I need to finish mine up today and post it. :)

Anonymous said...

I finished my piece for the explore theme -- I did mine on a small canvas that I had been wanting to use
looking forward to challenge #2

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I love the sectioned box and all that you have done with it - totally inspired!

debbie said...

My comment won't post on Bonnie's blog but I posted my "Explore" page on flickr. I chose to Explore Paris because it is very high on my list of places I want to go and any excuse to think about it or learn more about it is ok with me!!

Love your little shadow box!!

Monica said...

Hi Kari,
This is so beautiful! Your art is always full of inspiration!
Here is my entry for cabinet of curiosities -explore-

Hope you all like it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kari. Love what you created for this prompt!!! Really neat. Can't wait to see more.

I just posted my Explore entry at

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love that you did a 3-D piece of art. It would look so lovely on my wall.
I'm a little late, but I've finally posted mine.


Anonymous said...

I love that Kari! And by the hairs on my chinny chin chin I've finished mine. Wow, that was tough!

Anonymous said...

I love it. What a great idea. Jen