Friday, February 16, 2007

Blogger girls!!!!

I knew I was eagerly anticipating the new (March/April) issue of Somerset Studio magazine, I always do. It was the first mixed media art magazine I ever bought and every issue inspires me beyond measure. May I be so bold to say this may be the best issue yet! Art paper by Pam Garrison
So after a week of a bad cold turning to pneumonia, now turning to sinus infection (can you say pain!!) I was thrilled to see my spankin' new issue in the mailbox today. ask. To start with, it has articles on several of my favorite blogging artists. Yes, there is a fantastic article on Pam Garrison. Love her...her work...and her blog! The Artist Portfolio is on none other than Keri Smith. Hers was the very first blog I read. Still love it! This issue just seems to be jam-packed with extra inspiring stuff. There are multiple articles by Michelle Ward *another* one of my favorites, one about getting out the spray paint and going for it with your art! A beautiful article on creating a secret book of boxes by Linda Harre.There are some fun artist papers contributed by Pam (scans shown). Love these!
Art paper by Pam Garrison
" To me, art is mostly about life experience, participating in nature. It is not separate from everyday life. I don't believe that art is a 'thing' or a 'craft', like painting or collage. That is an expression of my 'art'. Art to me arises from a way of perceiving the world....I no longer define art as product." Keri Smith
There's too much to mention, so go...splurge a little and buy yourself a copy. You won't regret it. Ok, so I'm off to bed now. Let's just hope by morning it doesn't feel like someone is standing on my face.
Have a great weekend!


Cassondra W. said...

Oh, my gosh you poor thing! I really hope you get to feeling better soon! Now I can't wait to see the new issue, and I just had gotten around to buying the last one!!! :>) Take care of yourself girl!

eb said...

oh I so enjoyed perusing your posts tonight - I also have had that bug - also since the day before Valentine's Day - bummer - but on the mend and visiting you was a real perk - will check out that zine and I love your cabinet of curiosities - as a girl scout my most memorable badge was the collector badge - and my collection was piggy banks!

xox - eb.

m i c h e l l e said...

I'm so sorry you're still sick! Thanks for the heads up about the new Someset. I can't wait!

Fiona said...

Hope it all gets better soon. You poor thing. DS and I been sick this week too. It's that time of year when every bug in exisitence is out to play.Looking forward to the new SS - we get it a few weeks later than you USA girls. Definitely sounds like a great one.

Take care


Lucrecer said...

i am going to have to get this issue. i love that magazine.

She Who Flies said...

So sorry you've been feeling so under the weather this week Kari. Sending you healing vibes and wishes for a prompt recovery. At least you have something fab to feast your eyes on. That particular issue of Somerset Studio sounds like I will just have to order it online!

carlene federer said...

Just found your blog, love it! But you're making me really jealous...I haven't gotten my copy of Somerset yet! Sounds like it's really awesome!

jenny holiday said...

Hope you are feeling better Kari!! So sorry to hear! Sounds terrible!

Just take care of yourself! No crazy crafting marathons..working up a sweat! LOL!

Relax! : )

Loving the Pam stuff to bits!! She is just too darn dazzling!! With everything she does!! I have yet to find a copy!! Hopefully tonight!

xoxo Jenny

gudrun said...

Love the Quote you have shared today. :-)
The page you have made is so beautyful, and it makes me so happy and inspiered to come into your place for reading your daily posts and look at the pics and the links you are sharing. Thank you!!
It also makes me so SAD to hear you are ill. Hope you'll get well SOON.
I made my post for the "collection"-prompt today. Really fell in love with this prompt. Collecting is really a great part of me.... ;)

teresa said...

That is a great issue!! I was lucky enough to see the original works at Somerset Studios offices last month WITH Pam-a-Lina. :) Love those inserts she did, too. I beth I will actually use that issue's inserts!

Nura Keif said...

TFS.Those are amazing!!