Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happiness is...

Each season I change out the paper and pictures in this huge frame (above). I always put my favorite scrapbook papers of the moment and current pictures of my family. I had been hoarding my new Basic Grey papers because as Marilyn said in my comments "they're too beautiful to cut up!" I totally agree. So I decided that I wanted to look at these beautiful papers all the time. I put them in the frame with pictures of people that I love and hung it on my wall. This hangs on a big open wall in our living room that you see as soon as you walk in the house. It makes me happy....the colors, the flowers, the people, making it all into art. So this is what I have to show for Bonnie's happiness prompt:) It makes me smile.

As far as the swap is concerned, I'm so flattered that people want to swap. I want to make sure I get my swap sent out to everyone interested.
Today I mailed to:
Susan E.
Hagit R.
Debbie S.
Delsie C.
Michelle G.
Laurie R.
Dawn R.
Jeanne S.
Elizabeth S.
Natalie H.
Angela D.
Vickie C.
Maria H.
Angie B.
Ellen P.
Carol R.
Michelle L.
Joan E.

Have addresses for Sue B. and Tricia S. and will get them out this weekend. Edit: Also have addresses for Daisy L., Fiona S., Robyn B., Tricia S. Thanks! If you are not on these lists and told me you wanted to swap, I need your address! Please email me at
Have a great weekend. The last prompt for the Cabinet of Curiosities Challenge will be here on Sunday. Do we have anyone still with us? Hope so!


Karin (creativechaos) said...

I sent my address to the wrong email. I just sent you a new one.

karin (creativechaos) said...

Oh...and I'm obsessed with the new Basic Grey...especially the "Perhaps" collection!

Laurie G. (morningk) said...

Hi, Just making sure you've got me too (Laurie G.) :) I'm gathering some special somethings for you and will mail off soon.

Thanks for sharing the pretty papers--I'm tracking them down in my area.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the post Kari-very excited! Yours will be off soon! I made it yesterday.
Hardly anyone has left a comment on my blog for challenge 7! I think the excitement of all has worn off! Either that or they are all busy madly creating!! (?) looking forward to Sundays prompt! Have a super day!

Ps. adore your huge frame with your scrap pages-what a beautiful idea!

Christi Snow said...

ooooooh, Kari! I love what you did for happiness!!! Those papers are simply lush!!!

I am still in for the Cabinet challenge....just way behind because my mom was in town, but this weekend I play catch-up! smiles....

MarilynH said...

hee hee hee
I have three papers from the Scarlet Letter collection picked out. I am just gonna frame each one and put them on the wall as a grouping! Yours is beautiful with the photos!

la vie en rose said...

yummy yummy!

annie said...

what a wonderful idea...i adore basic grey...just bought a few sheets for nina's class/artfest! looking forward to meeting you!

Lilia said...

Oh my you must have been at the post office all day girl! I am goint to start up in the cabinets real soon, just been MIA..-Lilia

Lilli said...

You Happiness board is beautiful! I think Basic Grey should make wallpaper :)

She Who Flies said...

Great way to showcase not only your favorite Basic Grey papers but your precious photos of your beloveds! They work perfectly well together!

miss*R said...

hi! I posted your woodland sprite today and she should be there in about a week. xoxo