Thursday, March 01, 2007

In like a lion...

Happy March! We're having another blast of winter here in Minnesota. It keeps snowing and snowing and snowing... My reflection in our front door As I was out shoveling this....the mailman delivered these wonderful spring goodies! Thanks for the smiles...and the hope that spring will come, someday:) This adorable little "twinkling toadstool" creation is by Laurie. Check out the article on her amazing collection in the Feb. issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.This beautiful banner that truly put a spring in my step is by Joan.This gorgeous collage with a picture of her husbands grandmother is by Vickie.This wonderful card is by Heather over at Bluhm Studios.

If you need some spring inspiration, they're having a garden party over at the Curious Sofa blog and she explains how she made this amazing spring sign. LOVE it!!!

What a fun way to beat the winter blues.


heidi said...

yes, spring (at least the hope and feeling of spring) is all over blogland...thanks for the hope and inspiration!

Kim said...

It is so funny to see all that is like 80 degrees here today....I would love so cooler weather.

Lilli said...

You look so cute, all bundled up against the cold.

What lovely Spring-y creations :)

We had snow here last night and there's a teeny bit left on the ground, but I have high hopes for Spring coming soon.

longnecklady said...

Those are great! Here in WI we are getting sleet. I'm pretty much done with the winter thing. But better now than in May. You know that where we live it can happen.


Nura Keif said...

Love the snow pictures!! What a cold place.Have a wonderful day:-D

jpquilter said...

Fun stuff in your mailbox! And I love the picture you took - the refelction - what a cool idea (excuse the pun!)

Laurie G. (morningk) said...

I love all of these, especially the twinkly toadstool!

I received my mushroom girl ribbon package today--thanks so much! Spring goodness from me to you on the way very soon!

Carol said...

Oh my oh my still snow, snow, snow I can imagine it must be hard to think spring when facing so much snow outside. But as I see many artists have done a wonderful job in sending your the spring to your home. Very inspiring pictures! I'm thinking spring too all the time, although outside here it is raining cats and dogs. I've just finished my first spring egg of the season and plan to do more each day now! I love your spring round robin book pages, they are so cheerful! I love your blog for always being inspiring! xox

Bonnie said...

Hi Kari
Thank you so much-your little cutie came in my post box today! It is lovely. Thanks so much!
It is so weird to think you are going into spring (although with all that snow around kinda hard to believe!) while here it is still hot hot summer. We start going into winter around April/May. Technically we are in Autumn now, but in SA there is really only hot or cold!

kris hurst said...

So greatful for your instructions on blog banner! Thank you soooooo.
You are a gifted diva- meaning you do it all with such talent- Mother & Artist - quite an inspiration you are! -Kris

mosaic queen said...

I see you've already received some real beauties! I'm starting to panic now. I'm hoping to send mine by the middle of next week.
I did receive my little beauty from you and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!!!!
Stay Warm!!