Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Like Junk?

Some of you have been asking what exactly is this Junk Bonanza thing I've been so avidly talking about all summer long? You may have heard of JunkMarket, maybe you've seen the book or magazine. If you read Country Home magazine, you probably see Ki and Sue's junk column in every issue. These ladies seem to be everywhere and I'm lucky enough to say where they call home is only a short jaunt from my own humble abode here in the twin cities. Junk Bonanza is their annual flea market and this year I'm going to be a vendor there, starting this Thursday, Sept. 6th.

They have a very cool new web site and are now starting an online "junk club". The club is an on-and-offline community for junkers, antiquers, flea-marketers, and basically anyone who has an interest in vintage-chic design. It includes a growing national flea market/event sale directory and project archive and some very active junk-sharing community forums which provide great community feedback (including the personal feedback from Ki and Sue).There's the American Junk Club quarterly newsletter, Junkmail. It has the same JUNKMARKET stylings, projects, tips, and wacky commentary that junkers have come to expect from Ki and Sue. Then comes the annual Junk Bonanza. I was lucky enough to attend last year and had a blast. There were 20 vendors selling, flea market style. Lots of fun junk and some handmade goods. The junk ladies are all about re-purposing items that most people would consider throw aways, but they give them new life. This year the event will include 100 vendors and my first time having a table. Should be loads of fun!
I sat down for a chat with Ki before the big event.

When did JunkMarket officially start?

We opened our doors April 2000 having Occassional Sales once a month. We sold primarily vintage furniture and accessories along with repurposed junk.

What's a typical day like for you?

Since we are now in the business of teaching people what to do with their junk finds our jobs have changed dramatically. Fortunately we still get to shop for junk at Flea Markets, Antique stores, Salvage Yards, Used Equipment stores and yes, Dumpsters. We spend much of time in our workshop building and refinishing projects.We write our columns and books along with producing all the photography.Public speaking has become a big part of what we do so Sue and I spend a lot of time on planes and in hotels.

The American Junk Club has finally become a reality so we enjoy answering questions, giving advice and just chatting with our fellow junkers!

How did you get the idea for Junk Bonanza?

JUNKMARKET sales have been extremely successful over the years...realizing we couldn't continue do it all we invited our Favorite vendors to help us out.

This is the second year and the event has really grown, from 20 vendors to over 100. What is your vision for the event?

BIGGER & BETTER every year. Next year we would like to include demos and workshops and maybe even some junk tunes.
How would you describe the event? What can we expect this year?

Fun!!! Our favorite vendors will be selling an incredible variety of Primitives, Vintage furniture and accessories along with loads of good junk. Of course JUNKMARKET will have a booth as well. There will be yummy food and we are hoping to rustle up some music.

So there's a little background into this junk event of the year!


Cerri said...

So, so fun Kari!
I am so excited for you I can hardly stand it, so I can't imagine what you are feeling!!
I hope you take lots and lots of photos!!
~Cerri xoxo

BonnieRose said...

hope it's fun and oh so successful for u... i'm not going this year... :(... no spare change these days.

Lilli said...

It sounds like these ladies are up to their eyeballs in fun stuff!

Thanks for gabbing with them on our behalf :)

You must be out of your mind with excitement!!!

heidi said...

best wishes with the show! love sue and ki, met them in nyc, and their creative energy and good honest charm is so much fun to be around! can't wait to see you post about it all! xo

*Heidi* said...

How fun for you to sell at this event! I've had their book since the day it came out, and am inspired by their projects! I'm sure you'll be mucho-successful there, Kari!

Denise S. said...

I have been a fan of these 2 wonderful women for sometime. I was on the waitlist for their book to be published and just loved it when it came out. Bought their one and only magazine too. I had the pleasure of meeting both of them in Salt Lake City 2 years ago and they are so much fun,and you can sure tell they LOVE what they do.

And by some quirk of fate I got my first issue and membership card just today for their American Junk Club,so now I can kiss the junk!

The Glitter Fairy said...

Am so excited for you, Kari. Best of luck and have a blast! Want to hear all about it when you come down to earth!

jessi nagy said...

so cool kari!!!!
good luck tomorrow! well the whole weekend!!! your stuff is gonna rock! and sell out!!! take lots of pics!!!!!
jessi nagy

Michelle E. ~ Vintage Pastiche' said...

I LOVE your blog, I don't know how I stumbled upon it since I was clicking on links from blog to blog but I'm so glad I found you! Thanks for the "heads up" on the junk club.

Sending good energy your way for the show!