Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hop to it...

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things right now. Just got this book after seeing a sneak peek (with tons of pictures) on Decor 8 blog. There is also an interview with the stylist of the book Selina Lake here. The book is filled with fun pictures that will delight and inspire. I guess there actually is a name for my style, filled with family heirlooms, estate sale finds and handmade goods. Love it all! My favorite picture in the book.
Fun stuff: Issue #4 of Design for Mankind's inspiration e-zine is now out. Love what Erin pulls together. Also have you seen her roadmaps series on pursing a creative indpendent life? Great advice!
Be sure and enter this collage-o-thon contest hosted by Black Eiffel for a Anthropologie gift certificate. Who wouldn't love that!?

Donna is one of my favorite go-to girls for vintage wallpaper. She has an amazing collection and luckily she is willing to share by selling them in her etsy shop. Here are some bundles of goodness I received from her.

I have a little treat for you. Just put this in my etsy shop. Hope to make more of these seed planters full of supplies. This will be my only one with these trims and a red and white theme. It's ripe for the picking! SOLD- I will make more soon!

Finally, Chel posted a preview of my workshop on her blog today!!


Merci-Notes said...

Love getting inspired form magazines!
"BAzar"... nooo. You are Bohemian... because you are artsy (oops sorry, that was by accident, but it IS true:) AND you are an intellect and this comes off in your style. So does your love for your children : )
I keep thinking of that old song that goes "...how bazar, how bazar..."
That just makes me crazy and does not make me think of you. AHgh. help. now I am stuck with it in my mind! hahaha.
Your style is beautiful! There, that is better.

The Creative JAR said...

I love the fireplace - one day I will do it.