Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May Day...

Let's have some May Day fun! Mizz Scrappy Jessi has encouraged us to share our favorite childhood toys today. She's having a party over on her blog. I couldn't pass this up, since my toys were so near and dear to my heart and I am still a HUGE fan of vintage children's toys today. Thanks for hosting, Jessi!

Hands down Snoopy was my favorite toy. I looooved my Snoopy doll and took it everywhere! Now it is in Lowell's bedroom on a shelf. I also loved my blankie (also seen in above photograph). That resides in Chloe's room now.

Do you remember Master Mind? I loved that game:)
How about Merlin?

I also enjoyed the board game Clue.

Stuffed animals were far and away my favorite toys. Have you seen this book Dirty Wow Wow? It's about our most loved childhood plush. There is le Mutt on the cover. I had one that looked just like it. Here was a contest for people to show their own "dirty wow wow's"!!

Can't wait to see your favorite toys!


Scrappy Jessi said...

you are so cute!!
then and now!!
i remember most of those toys!!
Thanks for sharing, and coming to my toy party.

Dianne said...

Chloe looks so much like you in this photo! Very sweet. We use to play Master Mind too. My one friend puts out her large collection of Snoopys every Christmas.

Lilli said...

That bean bag chair looks familiar. We had a black one and a yellow one.

Oh yes, Mastermind! Used to play that with our Dad.

Have fun loading the shop, and.......

Happy May!

Sleepy Hollow Craft Company said...

Merlin!! I had that too!!!!!

paula clare said...

I was thinking about it, and my toys really haven't changed much! I used to love paper and pens and old clothes and found objects.

When I was little, I used to LOVE getting to play with my aunts makeup and having run of her wardrobe...she used to keep a box of dress up clothes just for me and my sister to play with. We never played house or any of the normal childhood in point:

I remember my aunt had a swimsuit robe in the box one year, (It looked like a roman toga with "Vini, Vidi, Vici" on the back of it. I remember being 8 years ol and looking up the latin words (with my uncles help) to see what they meant. "I came, I saw, I conquered.")

THERE! I now had my plot! I invited neighborhood kids to join me in the performance of "Nero and the Burning of Rome."

I guess I was never "quite right" as a

My toys were clothes and props and pens and papers. My game was the stage...very much like Jo in Little least, I always associated myself with her.

Oops, this comment has become a rambling biography. SORRY!

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

Oh my goodness, I forgot about Merlin and the snoopy photo is too cute! This toy party is so much fun :-)

Have a fabulous day!

Katie Trott said...

I had a favorite Snoopy too! On Halloween my mom even made me a perfect snoopy costume with a paper mache head. I wish I still had that!

Hennifer said...

I remember Merlin! I don't have a lot of childhood memories really but I love seeing things that spark the few I do have.

I must say you look just like you! That is meant to be a compliment.

I have a stuffed Nipper, the RCA mascot. I've had it since I was 4, so nearly 30 years. My grandfather used to be a tv repairman. It is definitely my most prized possession now but not sure it was ever my favorite. Thanks for sharing the contest. Such fun!

Stefanie said...

You and Snoopy in the chair are cute!
I remember the mastermind too. It was the toy of my brother but we played it together.

Cami said...

I kicked some serious Merlin butt in my day! Wouldn't say it if it weren't true!!! Fun post!!!

Mrs. L said...

I LOVED Merlin and I think I might still have it in a box somewhere. I could take it in the car and play with it anywhere it was dark. Loved loved loved it!

fated follies studio said...

snoopy is timeless. what afun toy.


happy may day!

bluemuf said...

Love your Snoopy and the cute picture of you.


Alison Gibbs said...

This has been such a fun party. Oh I had forgotten about Mastermind. My bother had that.
Love your Snoopy

Wife2TJ said...

Okay I just had memories of my childhood come flooding back. I had that stuffed animal on the cover of that book. I still may somewhere around the house.

Alisa said...

You and Chloe are twins! My favorite boardgame was Clue... in fact it still is! :) Thanks for sharing.

mendytexas said...

I totally remember those toys! What fun memories!! :)mendy

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I loved Master Mind! I never thought about my favorite games!

gina said...

The dog on the cover looks a whole lot like one that my brother and I had too! I bet it's a super cute book. My all time favorite was curious george.

Funky Finds said...

aawww...i have a le mutt at my mom's house! he is in much better condition though :)

Kimla Kay said...

Kari, all the toys you posted were faves of mine as well, especially the Snoopy doll. I had one too and loved it so much the puff ball nose came off and the fur turned to an icky off-white color. But, like the velveteen rabbit, it was completely real...wish I still had mine.

April Ross said...

I have a le mutt still! I used him as my logo for my pet grooming shop as he is the perfect dog.