Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday morning inspiration...

Monday morning and we're off and running. I wanted to share a few things to start off the week. I found it wonderfully relaxing to wrap up my weekend by working on pages in my inspiration journal last night. I am such a visual person. Looking through magazines for images that speak to me in some way, whether it be the subject matter, the colors or the textures is wonderfully satisfying. I love to see how the composition turns out and what mood it projects. How do you like to "fill the well"?

I have some fun projects coming up that I'm excited to tell you more about. I will be contributing a monthly column on thrifting and art for the wishstudio blogzine. I will let you know when it first appears. I would love to interview some of you that like to use thrifted materials in your art. Let me know if that is something you are interested in. Thanks!
I found this fabulous lantern at Home Goods made in India out of recycled metal. Love it!
Hope you had a great weekend. Happy Monday!


Donna Layton said...

Gulp. I'm way behind. Thanks for the Monday morning inspiration. Just what I needed. I LOVE that lantern. Also, I totally "get" the clothespins. They are wonderful. There is something about those sherbet colors and spring. I found a grouping of beads in those colors and had to have them.

Lilli said...

We're just inspiration junkies, aren't we :) Give us some pretty pictures and we go gaga!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my...what a treasure of a lantern!

I also love visual journaling and am doing a round robin one right now. This is my first time doing such a thing and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is a pleasure to think of each person as you do their page.

I also have fifteen years of beads and am now hitting all the estate and garage sales for vintage things. Joy!

Suz from St.Paul

Katie Trott said...

My eyes popped when I saw the lamp made in India. And you got it at Home Goods! What a surprise! I have found that I love things made from metal, and it's aqua. Love it!

Tess said...

WHat a lovely lantern. Your journal pages also are so very lovely. I have started doing the same but mine never turn out as lovely as yours. It is much fun though!!!

Heartinmyhand said...

Love the lantern. I think I need to take a trip to my local Home Goods:)

Leticia said...

Lovely photos to start off the week.

Alison Gibbs said...

What a great lantern.
Love how you have displayed your Inspiration Journal

wendster said...

My eyes are all happiness!

Gosh! I haven't been by in a while! Sorry about that. I'll do better in the future. Promise!

OK. Ready for some junk food?

Here's a paper plate.

It's for the bbq at my house. We are having faux (donut) chicken and then we are going to Wade's for chocolate cake. Cuz we don't care too much about our diets tonight. LOL!

Come on over if you get a minute.


Anonymous said...

love the lanter you should come by and see my vintage window turned into tag holder(it will be on tomorrrow hopefully)if ya need someone to interview I would love to!! hehe oh by the way I have a new kit in my shop!! you should check it out I think you would like it! hugs


April said...

I saw those lanterns at HOMEGOODS yesterday when I picked up my new fabulous copper birdbath....

thanks for sharing..

have a happy day

Dianne said...

I was just in Home Goods (two stores!) tonight. Yes, I can see you in there, especially checking out the clearance area to see what you can repurpose. : )
Love that lantern!

Dianne said...

Oh, and your inspiration journal is awesome!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

I think we all have to have inspiration from some source, whether it is magazines, books, friends art work, photos your inspirational journal!

Mica said...

Love the inspiration pages !!! Congrats on the writing an article. I think that is so cool. So if you ever want to interview me.. I use thrifted pieces for my altered and mixed media stuff quite often. let me know, cool lantern by the way !!! I love things quirky too !!!

Hugs, Mica

Miss*Laurence said...

Hello Kari!
Love the journals, somehow I find it more and more difficult to cut out magazines.. what if I want both sides? I end up keeping most of them intact, but really I should get back to cut-mix-and-paste!

So you are being published again? Do you ever run out of steam?? :-)

read you soon!

jillian said...

Lovin' that lantern, how cool!! As always, your blog is full of inspiration!!!

Sandy said...

Fabulously inspirational as always! Love that lantern.
have a fabulous week.

CupcakeDD said...

Hey!! I just bought a thermos like that at the San Diego Zoo last week!! LOVE IT!!!