Monday, June 16, 2008

Vintage kids shop update!

I just loaded my etsy shop with perhaps the biggest (and most fun) update I've done so far. Lots and LOTS of really fun summer vintage kid (or kid at heart!) themed treasures that I've been collecting and making for some time. Make sure and look at all the photos for each listing. Most have several items included. Enjoy!!It's all HERE....Enjoy!!!

I also did one trim pack filled to the brim with supplies in a wonderful tin. I will be doing more of these soon. SOLD! Thanks.


Sadie Lou said...

My finger was poised over the click on my mouse to buy those stamps but I have never *ashamed* worked with stamps and then I would have to buy ink--
Oh heck!
I'll go buy ink.

Heather said...

cute things Kari. Looks like you have been busy!!

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Just love your work..(:) so fun and lively.. hugs Patty

fated follies studio said...

how fun that you have collected so many great treasures like these?! i wish i could say the same for myself. i love those bright colors.


Vanessa said...

Great stuff you have there!

katie jean said...

love the paper dolls!! cute work.