Wednesday, November 12, 2008

20 things...

We leave in a week for nyc.

I'm starting to compile my list of what to see:

-Wall Stories at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum

- Le Carrousel at Bryant Park

- Anthropologie Rockefeller Center

-Kinokuniya Bookstore

-See the holiday windows of Macy's, Saks, Bloomingdale's and others

-Junk in Brooklyn

-Find a photobooth

-NY graffiti and street art

-Cross the Brooklyn Bridge

-explore Chinatown

.....Anything else I should add?

"to go anywhere, everywhere. to quickly pack a bag with what first comes to mind. the essentials: a good book, an excellent pen, three different cameras and a tube of lipstick. to let go of tomorrow and feel the plane scream into take off. to be in an unknown place, if only for a couple of days. where the food tastes different and the words sound different and people wear bright-colored everything. to throw out the maps, the itineraries, to wander for hours and hours for no other reason than to see. to collect scraps of paper, bits of conversations, to look through the lens again and again. to piece it all together and tell the kind of story that deserves a title. I have been dreaming of this."

Love this sentiment from hula seventy and her nyc flickr photos here.


Ginger said...

Have a fantastic trip, Kari, and happy anniversary! I loved visiting the Guggenheim and ice skating on the Rockefeller rink (where I got engaged!). You'll have a blast!

Shell said...

You have a great list. I have two more suggestions:

The Conservatory Garden on 105th and 5th Ave. It is one of my favorite places in the city. Check out the link here:

And, Lady Mendhl's Tea Salon. It is a beautiful place and the tea is divine. More info here:

Jane said...

Well, definitely the NY Public Library -- gotta see those lions!! The Cloisters, Medieval branch of the Met, is lovely. Staten Island or Statue of Liberty ferry? Ground Zero? (I haven't been there yet) Was going to add Rockefeller Center ice rink too. Central Park. Hot chestnuts on the street. Oh, my, so much..... maybe you should see if Jenny Holiday would show you some sights?! Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful time!! Whatever you do/see will be an adventure! Jane

Alexis said...

Have fun--you've got all of my favorites listed!

Eat a cupcake at Magnolia for me!

AnastasiaC said...

great list - i cant wait to get to NY again!
try to visit Helena Christensen;s shop in the village BUTIK...looks gorgeous!

Evelyn ( said...

Well, you could take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry and come visit me! lol

If you have time, check out Kate's Paperie - - several locations for you to choose from. If you like fabric/quilting, check out the city quilter - 25th Street
The BEST trim store in town - M&J Trim 6th Ave near 38th Street -

Have a great trip!

snowbearsmom1 said...

Kari the Tinsel Trading Company sounds fabulous to visit!!!! I would have to bring plenty of $$....And i would LOVE to visit the Christmas window displays... I know you will have a fabulous trip! Can't wait to see the pictures!! I have never been to NY so i have no clue.. but you will share with us your fabulous finds! Have a blast.

Valarie said...

I know that Laurie Davis "The Glitter Fairy" is selling to Raffit Ribbon Company. The store is quite a site to see. Let me know if you visit it!! Valarie

dede warren said...

I was in the city with friends last fall and hit a few great places you;d love as well. If you want a great hot spot you could go to Buddakan (the Restaurant where Carrie had her Rehersal Dinner in Sex in The City) we ate there and it was great, and a super hot spot fun to visit. If you love steak DO NOT MISS Peter Lugers rated the best steak house in the city for 24 years! It was FABULOUS and unpretentious, just great food! Oh, but they take cash only!! A great place to have Sunday brunch is Tavern on The Green in Central park, on old favorite in the city. From just outside the doors you can take a carriage ride through the park It sounds like all we did was eat, but no we just found some great places from "foodie" friends. Oh and "Top of the Rock" is great if you don't do The Empire State Building, it's at Rockafeller Center.

Have fun!!!

Hennifer said...

I hope you have a fantastic trip! I love NYC. My best friend lives there and I've been to visit several times now but have yet to really EXPLORE!

I hope it is a fabulous anniversary trip for you. I just don't think you can be disappointed with anything you do there.

I do love the museums!

Dianne said...

Have fun! We were in NYC for a wedding last year for a few days. We went to mass at St. Patricks-I would see that. How about FAO Schwartz and Radio City Music Hall (across from Rockefeller Center) and of course Times Square. I have a blog for you to check out, be right back...

Dianne said...

Chris said...

I've never been to New York but the windows should be fabulous! have a great time.

The Clarks said...

You MUST eat at Sarabeth's for breakfast. We ate there on our honeymoon and it is still one of my fondest memories. I tell everyone going to NYC to eat there and they always thank me when they get back and tell me how fantastic it was. I highly recommended eating at the one on Madison Ave (Sarabeth's East) because you have breakfast there and then head over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Their Lemon and Ricotta Pancakes with Fresh Berries are heavenly and you have to get some of their jams to bring back home.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

oooh!!! so excited for you sweetie!! yay!! a trip to NYC sounds amazing!! Can I come??! lol. I hope you have a fabulous day!! hugs! Britt :-)

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Bleeker street!

Jennifer said...

You are going to have a great time. Here are a few more suggestions..."Fishs Eddy" (across the street from ABC Home). If you want to go to a flea market on the weekend..."The Garage" is at 25th and sixth ave. It really is in a garage so it's not the cleanest but there are some good finds. You have to see a 3-D movie at "Sony Imax" on Broadway and 68th St...Trust me! Also if you go to the Met, they have a rooftop garden where you can also have a cocktail. I can keep going (I live in NY) but will just give you one more tip. If you go to Macy's and want to use the escalators, make sure you ask someone for the wood ones...they are the orginal and to me, it's the only way to go up or down. Have fun!!!!!

Michelle said...

Oh, you will love NYC. It is awe inspiring!

Here are some things to add to your list:

*go to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty. If you are not going "to" the statue, then catch a ride on the Staten Island Ferry ... take it round trip (I don't think you even need to get off), it goes right by the Statue and also Ellis Island. Great little, inexpensive boat ride!

*Central Park - take a carriage ride if you can.
*United Nations
*Ride the subway
*Catch a broadway show, if you can. There are discount tickets available day-of. I think the place is called TKTS or something like that.

You will find that everywhere you turn, you will see something that you "know" from TV or the movies.

Have an amazing time!

Anonymous said...

You will love NYC we got to live there for 2 years!
Great list-here are some I did not see.
*Grand Central-they have tours-very worth the time!
see this even if you don't take the tour(I think they are on fridays)
*green market-my favorite was Union Square-while in that neighborhood I suggest City Bakery-yummy everything-real hot chocolate. Also Union Square Cafe-sit at the bar, great food and a real NYC feel.

Katie Runnels said...

What a dreamy list!! Have a wonderful time!! Xoxo

jerseytjej said...

The Conservatory and Little Italy, Harlem, Rockerfeller Center and of course Sak's Fifth Avenue!

Altered Artists said...

Very nice list indeed. Right next to ABC Carpet is a killer used bookstore called Strand Books. Think French text, Asian, you name it they got it. Literally miles of books. Also near Chinatown is Canal Street where you can get the knockoff handbags and watches etc. It is a bargain hunt let me tell you. Don't miss the Christmas Window Displays If you need me info. Email me.
~Dawn Binyon

Stacy said...

Great list so far. We went in March and it was fab! A local friend scheduled/made reservations for most of our meals and I loved: TAO, Bar Americain, and Dos Cominos Mexican Kitchen in SOHO. I'm from Texas, home of some great mexican food, and was very impressed wih Dos Cominos...go figure! I had their farmers market quesadillas and I still salivate thinking of them.......they were that good! Cesca was also a very lovely italian place. Very cozy and unique.

I second MJ Trims (mainly for the eye candy aspect). I really loved Tinsel Trading (went three times). Such a great display..
If you do The Met give yourself lots of time (espec. in the Medieval area). Ground Zero museum will totally move you. NY Public Library was awesome but be careful.......I encountered a batty woman in a small bathroom basically bathing her open sores in the sink and obsessively talking to and playing with the dryer - scared me to death as I was the only one in there! It was actually pretty funny now that I think about it:)

Near Grand Central you MUST find GARRETT'S popcorn and stop in for a fresh bag of the mix (caramel/cheese). Your fingers will be orange and your tummy will thank you! They are only located in NYC and Chicago. Website shows 3NYC locations now.

Lastly, St. Patricks Cathedral and there's another cathedral near Ground Zero that has a cemetery onsite. Very amazing.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!

Grace said...

Macy's in Herald Square Christmas Decorations. Fao Schwarts on 5th and 59th across the Street of The Plaza Hotel and Central Park. Should be when you go to Dylans Candy which is across from Bloomingdales. When in Rockafeller Center to see the tree Anthropologie look at the snowflake display at Saks accross the street and the windows. American Girl Cafe is a must for your daughter near Saks. If you can make a reservation for tea or lunch or even dinner it is around $20 lots of fun. Look on line but reservations are a must. Oh look up when on 5th Avenue and 57th look at the huge Snowflake lit and the windows at Tiffany. Pass Henri Bendel on 56th I work upstairs in that building. Such a great eye candy store look up when you get right in the store. Toys r us in Times Square has a ferris wheel inside..always very crowded Times Square but they have a huge M&M Store and across the Street Hershey store not as big. I will e-mail if I think of anything else. But all these things are close to each other. Enjoy I hope I see you in the street touring..Grace

Tracey said...

WE are also going to NYC the 15th of Dec. My brother and SIL live on Madison Ave. Nothing like having a tour guide. My SIL has a whole list of places to go, mostly a lot of what you have. I also heard of a place called Serendipity, they have the best frozen hot chocolate. Last night we saw the Rockettes in Detroit, but it is nothing like seeing it at Radio City Music Hall. Have a great time.... Take lots of pics.

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