Sunday, November 09, 2008

Surprise shop update!

Since we seem to have officially began our six months of winter here in Minnesota and have already seen a few days of freezing temperatures, I've spent quite a bit of time inside this weekend. I thought I'd get out my holiday craft stash and take a look. I was so excited about these, I suprised even myself with an etsy shop update. Check it all out HERE! I'm doing an early holiday update, because many of the items are supplies that can be used in your holiday crafting. These vintage freezer boxes are so retro cool and I filled them with vintage trim.
This amazing vintage stamp set with the best font and images.
A whimsical collection of mini santa's, and of course mr. and mrs. clause.
These metal cones were a find in the middle of summer. I knew I would be excited about them when I brought them out again.
If your a collector, or just a big fan of faun (which seem to be red hot this holiday season!) these vintage Gurley candles might be right up your alley.Check out these and many other goodies here.

Edit: Just added....

The vintage "Bella Boot" stocking. Too fun!


KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh Kari, all of your things for your shop update are wonderful, but those bambi candles really triggered a lovely childhood memory. Thanks for that.

I am hosting a Christmas Fair on November 21st and you're invited. So, please stop by and read all about it.


cindy said...

Coooool, stuff, especially that stamp set and it looks like it is already gone! : ( Pooh!


Christa from Chloe Rose said...


Your vintage treasures are so much fun! I love deer candles......

Chloe Rose

snowbearsmom1 said...

Kari, I too was transported back to my childhood by some of the lovely items you have posted.. but I do not recall freeze boxes...

This year, i am into elves... I would love to see some elf projects if you are any of your bloggers have something to share.

I am also thinking... maybe next year... I should consider doing a christmas gathering of some sort and see about selling some of my crafts... of course, i would have to stock up on them first... but i have not ever tried that.. and i could always give them away if they didn't sell...

i've been inspired!

Robyn said...

That Bella Boot stocking is too, too adorable!!!