Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring has sprung!!

We are thrilled to see the first tiny shoots of spring pop up out of the ground this week as temperatures flirt with 70 degrees.

We planted seeds renewing our hope for a new harvest.

The tiny flowers along with the sound of the spring peepers officially mark the end of winter. It's like a treasure hunt each day seeing what new growth is bursting forth.

Such a glorious time of the year!


Nicolescu Ana-Maria said...

Nice flowers

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh Kari, It has been so long since I visited your blog. I had the wrong page bookmarked and so it never showed up dates , I thought you just were not blogging and then wow when I discovered my mistake I see how very wonderful your blog is and taht you update all the time and why you have been featured so much you talented GIRL !!! And your daughter is a doll. I will be visiting lots more. hugs julie

vivian said...

LOVe the picture of you daughter! so sweet, springy and colorful!!

Hennifer said...

Those gardening gloves Chloe has on are so cute! Did you make those or buy them?

What beautiful flowers.

Our little eggshell starters are starting to sprout!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures... and what an adorable girl you have :)

Linda said...

Beautiful! And your daughter is sooooo sweet.