Sunday, August 02, 2009

Blissful Sunday...

I'm thrilled that there will be so many bloggers participating in the blogland celebration on Tuesday here on my blog. See the right sidebar for a listing of everyone that has RSVP'd for the Blogging for Bliss book release blog party. It's certainly not too late to get involved. Here's all the details. Everyone who has a blog, has a story to tell about how it came to be and what it means to them. The story of your "blogging for bliss". I'd love to hear yours. Come on back and share with us all on August 4th!I've had a wonderfully blissful weekend here. Yesterday morning I went to an amazing estate sale and found the picture above, now one of my very favorites. It's signed and dated on the back and was made when I was 6 days old! It just screams everything I love about the end of summer. Perfect!
This morning I went to the farmer's market downtown and loaded up on some gorgeous blooms.
I also bought lots of fresh veggies, including zucchini for making bread.
While it was cooking, Chloe made the most adorable little drawings for her own alphabet. I loved all the little smiley faces, especially the "pencil" below with the lines:)
The zucchini bread came out fantastic and I enjoyed eating it off of my new set of plates from the sale. They were an amazing find that I couldn't be more thrilled with.
We've been watching our sunflowers reaching higher and higher for the sun, since we started them from seed months ago.
This one is just about to open up. Glorious!!

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!!


Paper Relics said...

Oh wow- the sunflower is almost there! Zuchinni bread is my favorite.... yum!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful photos Kari. Those plates you served your zucchini bread on are the same pattern I remember from my parents! Funny how everything old is new again!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Stunning photos! I love the artwork! xx

Carol said...

Sounds like a fun party event Kari!
Please count me in, I have something to tell to and will post it tomorrow!

Susan said...

I'd love to be a part of the blogging for bliss event! I just started my own blog yesterday and Tara's book gave me the push of confidence I needed to begin!
Thank you in advance for including me!

Claudia said...

I'd love to take part - I already have my copy of the book and love it! Please count me in.

barbarasaintjacques said...

I love Chloe's artwork! Please, save all and make her a little book from all of her pages.

LiLi M. said...

Hello Kari, I do hope that time difference is on my side. I would very much like to join the blogging for a bliss blog party that you are hosting. I'm going to post in about an hour, as it is August 4th over here already, if that is alright with you.

My url: http://lilimsadventures(dot)blogspot(dot)com/
name of the blog: LiLi M.

Thanks for hosting anyhow!

Tracey said...

Zucchini bread is my favorite...and that sunflower is awesome. We planted the little sunflower seedling my son brought home from preschool this year and it's 8ft tall now!

:) T

barbara burkard said...

when we were stationed in germany i bought the whole dish set from wedgewood!!! loved those dishes!!! but reading a comment up think i was just bumped into the "old folks" bread!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't farmers' markets just make your heart sing? Now I'm really craving some zucchini bread... Hmm, good things there's always plenty this time of year!