Thursday, January 28, 2010

steps three and four...

Feeling ambitious today and ready to take on the last two steps to beat the winter blah's. step 3: I would have to agree with Andrea, paper straws do make everything better!
For some reason these make me want to try making some bubble tea, even though it wouldn't fit through the tiny straws.step 4: flowers. flowers. flowers.Chloe and I headed to a local nursery to soak in some vital energy from the plants.Since Andrea suggests yellow daffodils in particular, here is the handsome bunch we brought home.

Ahhh....feeling much better and enjoying the frigid winter sun.

How are you holding up?


Katy said...

I've been curious about bubble tea for months now! I always pass a little tea shop that advertises "bubble tea" and I'm intrigued.
Let me know if you give it a try!

snowbear said...

Bubble tea has caught my attention.. i've yet to try it however. I bought some pearl tapioca, but it didn't look the same as in those directions..

I so remember the paper straws... plastic felt weird until i got used to them... which didn't take long as i was happy to give up having straws that would close up on you while you were trying to drink... ah...memories!!

Lynn Richards said...

Kari-love it. Just love it. Your photos are beautiful and the color is amazing!! thanks for sharing

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

wow I forget about the winter blahs being in California but they are definately there for me. I ebb and flow...
looks great
That is sooo awesome how uber creative and fun. that pom pom hat must have taken ages..hopefully they had a sweater machine!!!
What are you up to with out the year of color blog? are you taking art in a different path? so nice to see what you have been up to!

soraya nulliah said...

Love love love these photos! the colors are just bursting off the page and are a welcome on this dreary day! having fun reading through some of your posts-great pics and inspiration!-Soraya