Friday, February 05, 2010

Five Senses Friday: early February edition

It's Friday already?! As always, I enjoy particpating in abby's five senses friday. I like how she did a little photo vignette this week, so here I go... Seeing: Lots and lots of white and grey. It's quite snowy out there.

Touching: Pen to paper. I was inspired by Kara to do more letter writing and writing a "love note" to Chloe for school gave me just the chance. Now to start working on Valentine's.

Smelling: Chlorine and feeling the cool water. We joined a health club and I'm enjoying doing laps in the pool.

Tasting: Trying to eat more healthy, am a big fan of Kashi foods.

Hearing: The sound of my sisters voice with little Hans in the background. I love my Friday chat with Laura.
I finished up my daily pages for January.

Then began February.
I was inspired by Ali to take photos around the house to compose my word of the year. I'm having fun with my vintage typewriter for my journaling.

Have a wonderful weekend!


snowbear said...

Kari I would have guessed the pool picture was a blue-hued wooden deck! *blush*

Sounds like you are keeping the winter blues away from you and your family. We are ready for tulips and Easter i sit here and watch the snowflakes falling.

I haven't owned a manual typewriter in years... I had 2 electric ones after that... and my last one the knob on the paper bail broke off.. couldn't find the disposable cartridges anymore.. that was the good thing about the older ones... you reused the material ribbon... not sure how it was re-inked, but it could be I believe. What a workout for your fingers on the manual ones!!!

Great January and February pages... waiting to see what fun things you do this month!!!

FiveByTheSea said...

I love the picture of the pool, makes me want to jump in. Did you take it?? ;-)
I love you my artsy creative and inspring sister!!!

Lynn Richards said...

Kari, The photo of your daughter in the tutu and the straws all around her is just beautiful. It took my breath away. Keep up the good work!

Melissa said...

five senses friday is such a great idea, its really neat to see what you come up with!