Friday, June 11, 2010

five senses friday: school's out edition

School is out, so the first thing we did this morning is go to the mpls. farmer's market. After seeing the amazing blooms that Eric got at the farmer's market while we were in San Diego, I was anxious to see what ours had to offer early in the season. It was the perfect place for playing along with abby's five senses friday. seeing: so many beautiful colors, so rich and electric

hearing: the kids saying what they wanted to buy as we passed fresh lettuce, carrots, cucumber and snap peas. I'm happy to say that when we came home Chloe ate a big helping of farmer's market veggies. Yum!
smelling: so much fresh, earthy goodness. We also smelled the sweet, buttery kettle corn, something the kids really look forward to and were diappointed to see that he was just cleaning his cooker and not making any. The smell itself was almost as good.

tasting: fresh, home grown strawberrries We then took a walk in the woods, marsh and prairie over at the wildflower garden.feeling: squish, oozy mud after a heavy rain.
I spy two kids gleefully running through the prairie.
Our state flower, the showy lady's slipper was in full bloom!

The wild indigo were gorgeous peppering the prairie with bright purple blossoms.

What a great first day of summer break!!


abby try again said...

What a delightful post!
I love it when nature is just bursting like this.
Thanks for playing, my dear :)
Hoe you all are having lots of fun! said...

Hooray for summer break. This post is definitely a feast for the senses. Love seeing everything in bloom!

Lynn Richards said...

What a beautiful place to spend summer!! I can't believe how green and gorgeous it is after all your coldness and winter!!! It must make you so happy. Thanks for sharing!

snowbear said...

Gorgeous flowers!!! Wow, your school is out late! We have been out for a couple of weeks already.

Suz said...

Finally...Minnesota summer! The monsoon season! said...

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