Sunday, August 22, 2010

pretty birds....

For many, summer is winding down. We don't start school here until after Labor Day so there are a few weeks left. Still have a trip to the sailboat and our state fair in store. Our weather has been very typical of late-August in Minnesota, hot and sunny! I've been hitting some estate sales when I have a chance and found these beauties.Love this handpainted cookie jar pair. This gorgeous typewriter is almost a hundred years old! A fun start to my autumn decor.Along with this pretty bird. Love that it's an original. Hope you're enjoying your late-August days, whatever you're up to!


Pretty Things said...

I want that typewriter! I've started collecting old cameras and typewriters -- but so far only have two typewriters, a Remington 10 and a REAL find, a Blickensdorfer.

Katsui Jewelry said...

I am hitting estate sales, too, though I have conked out a knee and it is making it a little harder.

I love that typewriter. Saw one in St. Paul in June. I wish I would have bought it.

Estate sale Season is wonderful here, isn't it? I have really hit some great ones. I have a growing collection of very old primers and books with old foreign type. It is growing rapidly!

You and your kids look so happy! Have a fun rest of summer!


Alison said...

My favourite would have to be the typewriter, love it

Heidi said...

Oh that is a great looking typewriter (and the bird is so darling!) Love the owl cookie jars too! So jealous that you have till Labor Day - that used to be the case when we lived in New Jersey. Gotta take our first day of school pic on the porch now!

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh! That second owl cookie jar, the red and black one, our family has one of those that has been passed to eldest child/first to marry for a couple of generations now and I am the current owner of it. It has been through my grandmother, a great aunt and my mom I believe, along with a few homemade touch-ups to the paint job *grin* How funny to see it on your blog today.