Monday, October 25, 2010

13 Days of Halloween: 7 {gatherings}

One of my favorite things about fall and Halloween is hosting several gatherings for my friends. This weekend I had a "favorite things" themed party. It was a gathering of women that I used to work with at a nature center 10 years ago. I love that we still see each other several times a year. Chloe stayed for the festivities and several other women brought their daughters, so we're ushering a new generation of crafty nature-loving gals! The table was set with a few of my favorites, vintage inspired crepe paper Halloween cups holding Brach's carmel candy corn. Have you tried it? Yum!!!
I made some yummy goodies, many came from the Gooseberry Patch Halloween cookbook.
We played a little game of "name your favorite" that I found here. We then did a little gift exchange and I was so delighted by the thoughtfulness that everyone put into their gifts. Robin and her cutie pie daughter brought spices, cookies, canned salsa and veggies from their garden.

Karen and her lovely daughter brought home baked bread, warm tea and a cute little scarecrow.

Chloe and I gave out a Halloween mug, flavored coffee, ghost peeps and Belgian chocolate covered oreos.

Nicki brought a fun basket of thymes indulgent body care products.

Tracy brought some wonderful honey and a stirrer.

The girls got one of my favorite things, a giant cupcake from Yum!

We then did a cute owl craft from my last post.

What a great party!


Jocelyn said...

What a beautiful gathering...Looks like lots of fun was had!!!

Wishing you a wonderful week!!!

snowbear said...

I love the idea of the favorite things party!!! And that pumpkin favors on the plate is great!!!

Samantha said...

That does sound like a fun party! Love your gingham plates!

Dianne said...

Fun, fun, fun!
Your Chloe could be a model. : )

paperbird said...

I love the fun things you share here Kari. What a fun neighbor you would make :-) said...

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