Monday, October 18, 2010

last call....

It felt like it might be one of our last chances to walk in the woods with lovely weather, clear blue skies and what is left of the gorgeous autumn leaves. Fall is fleeting and this was its last call. My how we have enjoyed this short and oh so sweet part of the season, the few precious weeks with blissful weather and stunning colors. We have tromped through numerous woods and gathered countless natural treasures.
Trumpeter swans were visiting one of our favorite walking trails.

We walked and walked and walked for over two hours, not wanting it to ever end.
My parents just got back from two weeks in Spain, it was so nice to share this lovely day with them!


Samantha said... beautiful.

Laume said...

Our color is very very late this year (which balances out that summer didn't show up until late June!). The edges of trees are just starting to turn here.