Sunday, October 03, 2010

feeling autumnal....

This weekend has been all about celebrating the season! After going to a few estate sales today, I felt like everything I touched had autumn written all over it, like this cozy hat and blanket I scored. The fall colors here are spectacular for about a week each year, sometimes a bit more. So when the color is at peak, it makes you want to stop everything and take it all in. After soaking in the amazing color in the woods yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch. Love the variety of colors and textures!After picking up some fresh apples, I came home and made an apple pie. Yum!

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pinkglitterfae said...

don't know if it's just me but some of your photos aren't showing hasn't happened to me on other blogs today

fall is lovely! thanks for the reminder to enjoy it. I take it for granted, and rarely get my camera out.
Great score on the hat and blanket, I am a sucker for plaid!
apple pie - yummy!

enjoy the splendor of the season