Friday, December 03, 2010

five senses friday: new puppy edition

This week has been a whirlwind getting acquainted with the new puppy. His playful nature and warm snuggling has been a treat on these cold blustery days. I thought it would be a fun week to join in on abby's five senses friday.seeing: this cute little face. who could resist!?!touching: this amazing crazy quilt circa 1896 that I found at an estate sale last weekend. It's filled with beautiful colors, stitching and textures.smelling: my new favorite candle fragrance, mistletoe

tasting: sneaking a treat here and there as Chloe made her gingerbread house
hearing: the wonderful music of the Nutcracker while Chloe paints her own figurine. We're taking her tomorrow to see the Moscow Ballet's production.Thanks so much for all of your five year blog birthday wishes. I appreciate each and every reader and all your support. Hope and I were excited to get our winter stories class underway this week and the winner of my giveaway for a spot in the class is Suzie Button. Congratulations!


Samantha said...

Congratulations to Suzie! It's a great class so far...I'm loving it!

snowbear said...

Congrats to Suzie!! Great pics Kari... I have a soft spot for nutcrackers... she did a great job with painting him..

Gloria said...

Bodhi is adorable. I had a cocker spaniel once. He lived for 14 years. I know exactly what kind of "accidents" you are referring to. :-)

Em said...

Love the nutcracker your daughter painted and she'll love the show! It's one of my favorites. Great memories taking my daughter, when she was younger, to see it. Your puppy is super-cute!