Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer adventure...camping!

Our camping adventure began heading towards the Willow River campground outside of Hudson, Wisconsin just across the border from Minnesota. This was the same campground we went to last summer, but this year we had Bodhi in tow!

We set up our tent right away. We weren't sure how all five of us were going to fit in there!

The weather was clearing up, so we headed down the long steep path to Willow Falls.

It was just as beautiful as I remembered from last year and more stunning than expected.

We headed up the 200+ (!) stairs to get a great overlooking view.

Bodhi didn't want anything to do with the stairs, so Joe brought him around a long incline and met us about halfway on our way back down to the falls. Everyone was pretty winded!

Back at camp we watched the kids play in the tent, jump rope and blow bubbles.

We went into the town of Hudson for a yummy dinner and then came back, because the kids wanted to get started right away making s'mores!
Lowell got a huge kick out of charring his marshmallows.

YUM! Several s'mores were had by all.

Then we settled in for an evening by the campfire. Chloe worked in her smash journal.

Bodhi was pretty tuckered out by the end of the afternoon. Pretty exciting day for him!

We woke up pretty early and took a short walk by the lake. Then we headed home very tired, with smiles on our faces. We can chalk up another fun summer camping adventure!


Audra said...

Wonderful pictures! What beautiful memories of family time for your children to cherish.

Jenny Holiday said...

Ohhh man I seriously just LOVE the Ramstroms!! You guys make my heart so happy!! Such a sweet family!!

I get so happy when I think about these two kiddos growing up and having these awesome memories!! Hooray for Super Cool parents like you guys!!

Love to you!!
xo Jenny

Theresa said...

I love camping! It looks like you had the perfect location and the perfect weather! Our kids have all loved it and over the years we have tent camped in lots of different places but hte best ones are like the one you showed. Peaceful, quiet and perfect for family time. Love that view of the waterfall! xxoxo