Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sleepover fun!

Chloe has been looking forward to her best friend sleeping over for a long time. Yesterday the day finally arrived! We prepared and Chloe excited to spend this time together.

We headed over to a labyrinth at a local garden first to play in the summer sun.

There were lots of beautiful flowers in bloom.

Then we came home to make homemade pizzas for dinner.

And decorated cupcakes. Yum!

They settled in for an evening of laughter and playing in the backyard.

They decorated pillow cases and painted their nails.

I gifted the girls with matching pink pajama's. They loved them!

What a fun and memorable night together for these sweet girls!


audramarie said...

What a fantastic sleepover! I'm sure that little girl's parents are THRILLED that she is friends with someone who has such a wonderful, creative mama. As my girls get older and start going to drop-off play dates I'm curious about how other children play. I wish you lived closer to me so our little girls could play together

Jess said...

What wonderful fun. My little girl has been at a sleepover that's stretched on for two nights but she's having such great fun that I don't want to break the party up. I hope her hostess is as enchanting as you.

snowbear said...

Too cute! Looks like a lot of fun!

Suz said...

What a great review of a big night! All three of the kids are adorable. You really know how to make it a fun event, Kari. Your kids will remember these things forever.