Monday, September 05, 2011

Good-bye Summer....

Labor Day is the last day of summer around here. The kids start school tomorrow and I've been refecting on what an amazing summer this has been!

Seemed like a slow start planting the garden in hand numbing rainy weather but once the weather cleared, we were off and running! Time to enjoy summer to the fullest.

We picked strawberries.

We went camping.

We went to the sailboat on Lake Superior.

We saw beautiful sunsets.

We had sleepovers.

We hung out with family.

We made up plays.

And went to real plays.

Lots of swimming...

and the beach.

We loved watching our first attempt at growing acorn squash prove successful.

We took another trip to visit grandpa at the sailboat.

And hung out with nana and bobo at the state fair.

So much fun was had! Now it's time to jump into a new season.

The sunflowers have grown 8 ft. high. I made this scarecrow for the scarecrow parade at the arboretum, I guess I'm ready for fall.

The first apple pie of the season was baked and consumed. Yum!

The reds are starting to contrast against the crisp, clear blue sky.

These two are off to first and second grade. What a summer, oh my!!! Can't wait to see what the next chapter brings.


Robin said...

I loved watching your summer activities. It gave me ideas for our own summer activities with the littles this summer. Looking forward to watching many more memories made in your little family!

Robin :)

Samantha said...

It's been a beautiful and fun summer here too!
I love that last photo of your little ones...the two of them walking down the road together...gorgeous.

Paper Relics said...

what a wonderful summer!
Now for fall... and my visit :)

Dianne said...

Wow-that was a terrific summer. You are a good mom (along with your hubby and parents). Your kids are always smiling.

Ann Tatum said...

Beautiful photos! It's still pretty hot here but I've said good bye to summer and have decorated for fall. I just pulled out some things to make for Halloween and wondered if you were going to host a Sweet & Sinister swap again?

Leave me a comment on my blog if you do, I'd love to join in!

Arlene said...

What a delightful summer you've had, here in UK it has been pretty miserable, April/MAy was hot and sunny then it was all downhill, and just a series of mini summers two days then rain. How I envy seeing you with your little ones, mine are grown now, oh happy days...yes!

home security Columbus said...

These kids definitely look to have a great time. I loved seeing those images of strawberries which look delicious.

Jane said...

Looks like you've had a wonderful summer and truly made the most of it! Cute scarecrow!

Squirrel Bait Crafts said...

As we are rapidly getting a dose of Fall, I especially loved the Scarecrows. They are a favorite thing of mine anyway. I made a soft doll scarecrow last fall and I think I will do another thanks to your photos. Thanks for the inspiration!