Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas cookies and holiday hearts

Ok, the heart was in another post, but I am in full-on cookie eating mode now. Here are my schnazzy Basic Grey take out boxes filled with yummy cookies ready to go to their new homes. Here's the template again along with TONS of other really unique free templates!

I had a cookie exchange today with my girlfriends from my stint working as a naturalist. It was years ago and we still get together every couple of months. We've all taken different paths and it's always fun to see what everyone is doing and have an afternoon of laughter and friendship. I went away with a whole slew of cookies and feel all warm and fuzzy. I think this was my first ever cookie exchange. Strange how I can be 30 years old and make cookies all the time, but I've never done a formal exchange. It always seemed overwhelming. Like I'd be making dozens upon dozens of cookies to give away. This one was four women and we gave six cookies to each. Perfect! That leaves plenty left over to eat!!

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