Sunday, December 04, 2005

Learning to knit the (so called) easy way

It’s cold and snowy here in Minnesota. It sure is pretty, but you really have to bundle up to go out and enjoy the fresh fluff. I’ve always wanted to knit my own winter wear. However, I haven’t had much luck. After reading my friend Jenna’s fabulous fiber blog, she mentioned that she loved her Knifty Knitter. I went out to Michael’s to find one. I guess they’re all the rage, they had a big display of them. I then picked out some neat skeins (I think that’s the right term!) to try my first knitted hat. I bought some fun fur to make a hat for my daughter. I’m normally not compelled to jump on the fun fur bandwagon, but at a holiday boutique sale recently I found a knit fun fur hat that when I put it on Chloe she looked like an adorable snow elf. I now have my first row knit (see pic). The picture is hazy because my son put his greasy finger on the lens. I thought the effect was kinda cool. I will keep you posted. If you have any advice or suggestions on using Knifty Knitters, I’m all ears!!

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jenna said...

Yay! I am so glad you got a knifty knitter!! you will make the cutest hats i am sure! i already love your fun fur hat--please send a picture of her in it! :-) have fun and write me if you have any questions!