Monday, December 05, 2005

Snow elf

Well, I finished the hat, lickety split. I'm here to say it really IS that easy! Once I got started with a little help from my dear husband. I'm not one for understanding written instructions. I need lots of detailed pictures. Anyway, once I made the first row, I was hooked! I'm the kind of person that when I start something I can't stop until it's done. So I worked on this fluffy little gem for 2 hours and viola! It wasn't even two hours straight. I played with the kids and put Chloe down to bed in there too. So here's my little cutie in her new hat. I love it!!! Thanks for the encouragement, Jenna. She gave me more patterns to use with my Knifty Knitter too. I'm bound to have more fun with this:)e also gave me this link to more patterns to use with my


Jenna said...

oh my goodness--it is beautiful!!! and what a great model!! :-)

Gypsy said...

Oh my that baby is just BEAUTIFUL! And the hat! I want it! For my head! : )