Saturday, March 11, 2006

I am Home

{Day 18}
We're on the last few days of Rhonna's {21} day challenge. What will we do then? Keep up the new habit...I'm hoping!! I'm really starting to have some profound insights, which is truly wonderful.
My book is starting to get so chunky these scans are getting a bit distorted. I love the substance it is starting to have. I find myself paging through it, feeling my truths surface. So simple, yet so profound.
When we live in the present moment, it is possible to live in true happiness. Our true home is in the here and now.
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Lilli said...

This is so beautiful. As you say, simple and profound :)

ScrappaNu said...

Beautiful as usual

{ Karin }

T:o)ve said...

I haven't had the time lately to visit your beautiful blog, and WOW!

This is so beautiful! I just love your journal! It's gorgeous! Love the mixing of papers and pictures, tha calmness and beauty! Zen :o)

Thank you for this great inspiration!
Go girl!

Greta said...

I am loving your book...great work

laura t. said...

home...what a lovely quote...will have to add it to my faves...has been so wonderful to share this journey with're such an inspiration!

Lilli said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments !

I have really enjoyed checking in on your work. I can feel spirituality emanating from your pages. I hope that over the next few post-challenge weeks & months, you're able to keep up your habit of diving within... and let's hope that we'll be starting another 21 Day challenge with Rhonna soon !

Randell said...

I am so going to use this quote too!! I love all the cool emb. on your journal page! I have really loved your support durung this process!

Lilli said...

Hello again...
Sure, if for the next challenge you decide to attack the same monster as I have, I'm happy to help. It would probably help keep me on track :)

People like me who have yeast issues have to do a candida cleanse diet.

Happy to answer more queries if you have any :)

artjunk~ said...

oooohhh! I love this! how divine! I also love how the words stream done. just lovely!