Sunday, March 12, 2006

Just Breathe!

{Day Nineteen}

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Is this my fear of the end? I suddenly find myself completely blocked when working on my pages and am coming up empty handed. This is really just the beginning of my newly formed habit. I tell myself just to breathe. That's all I need to be doing right now. I try to breathe from my hara, the physical and spiritual center of the body. An inch or two below the navel. I added a journal page on the hara that I did six years ago in my art journal. I have come back to it many times to remember to find my center.

"To see from the center, breathe from the center and move from the center leads us to a sense that the locus of our being is centered in the hara. And this sense, this feeling, this practice can change our lives."
Breathe! You are Alive


Sharma said...

Stunning entries as usual! I feel the same now tha we are nearing the end - a sense of pending loss....

Lene S said...

Awesome! I love this style of yours, including the magazine/catalogue images in your art! I was going to say that you´re almost there..Yeah! But I think you actuallt would like it to go on further?? Me too;o)

la vie en rose said...

you have built a great foundation for yourself over these past few days. now just trust that.

Lilli said...

Beautiful. The repetition of the word Breathe is so rhythmic and evocative, that I find myself breathing with it.

I KNOW what you mean about creative blocks! I think the conventional wisdom is to just start doing it anyway and it will either begin to flow or it won't. At least you showed up.

Did you ever see the movie Finding Forrester? I love the scene where Sean Connery tells the boy to just start typing, even before he knows what to type. Just start doing it, and pretty soon your "voice" will take over. Love that. Anyway, don't be hard on yourself :)

artjunk~ said...

I love how your words are so positive and uplifting! I also love, love, how you have the writing over the image. great idea and look! the colors in all your pages blend beautifully together. you should continue this!

Maggie said...

Wow that is a great entry. MMM not sure what u mean by block???I wish I can create like that when I'm block.
How do you glue the transparency to your page?