Monday, March 13, 2006

Wake Up!

{Day 20}
I'm feeling much more creative today. Got my spark back. Feels oh so good! My husband got a t-shirt with this phrase on it for Christmas from the Zen Mountain Monestary. This process has been a gradual awakening for me. I hope that it continues.
Waking up is the very nature of the teaching and the practice. Be alive in every moment, and by waking up yourself, you will wake up the world!


T:o)ve said...

I'm awake!
Gorgeous pages again!
Just love these peaceful style in your journal!
Great work all the way :o)
Go girl!
One day to go ;o)

Heather M. said...

Awesome entry! So beautiful!

gudrun said...

This is SO beautyful.
Strange we sort of got the same wake ut theme... ;-)
All your pages submitted for this art journal has been so inspiering, and all your heartfelt and very sweet comments on my blog has meant so much to me. Thanks alot!