Friday, June 16, 2006

Wanna trade?

Did you know that Ali Edwards now has a happiness blog? Fun stuff. A simple blog dedicated to people celebrating their own happiness and that of others. It is Friday today and boy am I happy to get through this week in one piece. The accident really reaffirmed for me how fragile and precious this life is. I have never come so close to tragedy before and hope to never come face to face with it again. I am thankful everything turned out alright.

Happiness today was receiving my ephemera swap package from Melissa. The swap was five packets of goodies for packets from five other swapees in return. Check out my haul! I got quite a variety and can't wait to use them in my creations.

Since the Book of Dreams project is winding down and hopefully you're all ready to continue to work on more altered books, don't you think we could all use some "fresh" supplies? I would love to host an Ephemera Swap of my own. Anyone interested?

If there's enough interest, I'd like to do a 5 for 5 like Melissa did. Then you get a nice big package full of goodies in return:) That means send 5 "packs" to me, and get 5 back.

What are we exchanging? Carefully chosen pieces to be used in collage, altered books, scrapbooking or other mixed media art. Each packet should have 10 or so assorted pieces of ephemera, preferably vintage, but definitely in good condition. Don't get too stressed about the number of items, just a piece of funky vintage fabric could be considered one item. I'm thinking along the lines of vintage treasures that you'd find at an estate sale or up in grandma's attic, maybe even some "new" vintage-looking stuff. These can be printed papers, old book pages, book illusrations, ads, wallpaper, etc. Maybe some pretty, old buttons, ribbons, lace trim, etc. Just make sure the contents are good quality stuff.

Want to know more about ephemera? Technically it is any goods (primarily paper goods) that were not intended to be kept, such as advertisements, newspapers, etc -- but "vintage ephemera" has come to mean any type of older paper goods from book or ledger pages, antique or vintage magazine pages and advertisements, sheet music, old letters and postcards, old phtographs, trade cards, victorian "scraps", wallpaper, etc. I would also include for this swap, antique/vintage sewing notions buttons, buckles, ribbons, lace, sewing trims, fabric, old beads, milinary flowers, etc. So.. this all may not be the dictionary definition of ephemera, but I think it's what most of us have come to think of it as.

Send me all 5 packets by the end of June, along with $5 for postage, contact me about international postage and a return address label and I'll send 5 different packets of loveliness back to you in early July. Then we'll all have some great new inspiration to work with in our art.
Email me at for my snail mail and/or PayPal address (if you want to PayPal your postage cost).

Edit: There's been some concern about not having "vintage" stuff and how old things have to be to be considered vintage. Let's just have fun with this. I'm opening up the swap to any fun and funky items that can be used in altered books/mixed media art. Make sure it's good quality. I can't wait to see what wonderful goodies you all come up with:)


Lilli said...

Sounds great! I was sorry I was too late finding out about Melissa's sway, so I'm delighted that you're picking up the idea. This'll be a great excuse for me to check out local treasure troves.

Count me in :)

Lilli said...

Hee hee...excuse the above typo...

I meant Melissa's "SWAP"

Note to self: always press the Preview button first!

Michelle said...

Eeek! I haven't been keeping up with my BOD and decided to peek in tonight. Talk about timing!! I would LOVE to partake in the swap. This could be just the kick in the pants I need to get back to my BOD! And I've got some swell ephemera to share! I'm in! Thanks Kari!!!

Norah's said...

Oh man, I really really want to do this. I'm not sure if I have that much "real ephemera" but I know where I can get
PS I have your address.

Joan said...

I would love to participate!

melba said...

I would like to participate, But I don't think I have anything vintage and I don't think I could go somewhere to buy anything.

What else could I contribute?

How old does something have to be to be considered vintage?

Laura Krasinski said...

Hey what a great idea.. but, I'm leaving for vacation and just found out about this.. maybe next time... Nice Blog!!!

la vie en rose said...

ugh! this sounds like so much fun but i'm gonna have to pass. i'm pretty bogged down until at least mid-july and don't think i can commit to anything more right now. let me know if you do another one later in the summer!

Sarah Louise said...

Oh, this would be good for me. I'll check my stock and send an email soon.

Thank you for having this blog--I so long to be crafty more days of the month (or week!!) and you give me hope that it's possible.