Sunday, September 24, 2006

Birthday fun

As the birthday week winds down, I'm feel very fortunate and upbeat about the coming year. I definitely was pampered a bit. On my birthay I got to sleep in and my hubby made me breakfast:) Then my parents took the kids and we went to a movie and out to dinner...a huge treat! We saw The Last Kiss. Wasn't exactly an upbeat birthday movie. I mostly agree with Kristi's review here. My sister gave me a very cool t-shirt and a subscription to Somerset Studio. Yay!!!

Today I went scrappin' with my friend Ginger and she gave me the most *amazing* ribbons from The Ribbon Jar. LOVE it all. Thanks, Ginger!
I also got some wonderful goodies from my friend Cassondra.

Wow, definitely doing the happy dance here:)


Lilli said...

What wonderful gifts! You lucky Birthday Girl!

Ann(i)e said...

gorgeous bday treasures!!
so glad you were pampered!

la vie en rose said...

terrific goodies...

melba said...

Glad you had a fab day; you deserve it!