Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Inspiration: Lost and Found

Isn't this just cool!?! Love how it's set up and those assemblages are fantastic! I think I should cover my floor and walls with newspaper and just let me kids draw everywhere!! This pic is from my Anthropologie catalog. Can't get enough of that place:) The art is by artist Serge Rosenzweig. I guess the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie store will showcase a different artist every six to eight weeks. Serge Rosenzweig is first up with "Lost and Found". He is a French antiques restorer who creates collector's pieces out of iron fences and used gas tanks. Here you can see his work up close.

During Autumn, I find myself very drawn to found object art such as this. I love collecting leaves, acorns, wood, and whatever else I happend to find while walking in the woods. I love to turn them into a feast of color and texture, whether its in making art or decorating my home. It's such a tactile time. Whether it's the ooze of the innards of a pumpkin slipping through your fingers while you're carving a scary face, the bumps on the outside of a gourd, the dry crunching of the leaves or the crisp, tart bite of an apple. There are also such amazing colors seen all around. I find it very inspiring!!!

Speaking of which, the queen of inspiration, Rhonna Farrer, has started another round of her 10 days of creativity prompts. Jump on over here and join in!


Anonymous said...

That is so funky!

la vie en rose said...

i love autumn too. just the other day i piced up an acorn. it's in the console of my car as i write this.

Kim bolyard said...

love antropologie!!!!!
everything about it


Ferrill said...

Too cool! The last time I was at Anthropologie, they had this wall that looked like a big shag carpet made from shredded newspaper. I wish I had been carrying my camera.

silverlight said...

Wouldn't Martha like that for a study.

Monica said...

Love Anthropologie!! Their catalog makes me drool!